This alternative newsflash has come in to me today (9 SEPT ’17) from Central Florida….

Homeless in Florida are segregated, deported to unknown locations as Hurricane Irma approaches…
Poor and homeless people who were standing in line to register at community shelters today have been systematically separated out from the lineups by police and transported to unknown locations.

An eyewitness at a school shelter in Flagler County reported this morning,:
“There were a dozen or so of these guys in line, mostly men and a few women, some of them in wheel chairs. The cops got on the blower and read out a bunch of names and told them they all had to get on the bus that just pulled up, it was a local school bus. One of the guys whose name was called objected and asked why it was only the homeless being put on the bus. Two cops immediately grabbed him and forced him on. A lady in a wheel chair started screaming and demanding to know where they were going. I asked one of the cops and he said to the local Salvation Army. But after they forced them on the bus and it left I called my auntie on my cell and she drove by the only Sally Ann in the area and there was no school bus there, the place was all locked up and boarded up against the storm.”

A staff member at a community center shelter in Volusia County confirmed today that an “arrangement” had been made to have anyone either homeless or on social assistance sheltered in “separate facilities”. But the staff member gave no indication where those facilities were or why the transportees had no choice in the matter and were forcibly culled out of the lines by police.


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