Svali 1st Series

Chapter Five: Colors, Metals and Jewel Programming

Chapter Five: Colors, Metals and Jewel Programming Color coding by: Svali One form of programming that is quite common in the Illuminati is color programming. Why is it done? The answer is that trainers are human, and also quite lazy. Color programming is a simple way to organize systems, and allows the trainer to call… read more »

Chapter Eleven: Suicidal Programming

Chapter Eleven: Suicidal Programming by: Svali I have decided to write an entire chapter about suicidal programming, since it is often the most dangerous programming that the survivor will face during their healing process. ALL ILLUMINATI SURVIVORS WILL HAVE SUICIDAL PROGRAMMING PROTECTING THEIR SYSTEMS. I emphasized this to also reiterate the need for good therapy… read more »

Chapter Eight: CIA , Governmental, and Scholarship Programming

by: Svali Some systems will have internal CIA programming. Some of the methods mentioned in earlier chapters, such as brain wave programming and color coding were developed in part through funding by the CIA in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Military intelligence officers working in Langley, Virginia, used these government funds to conduct research on human… read more »

Are the Illuminati taking over the world?

Author: Svali Please note: this article mentions Christianity and prayer in detail. What I will be writing on is a controversial topic, one that cannot be answered easily. If a person states that the Illuminati are planning to rule the world, many in the media immediately label the person as a “conspiracy theorist” with the… read more »