Ritual Holidays (Svali Blog Post)


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The first year that I got out of the cult, I was having a horrible time on September 7 Th. I was struggling with self-harm, and the desire to recontact my ex-husband, who was a leader in the group, was almost impossible to ignore. My anxiety levels escalated the entire day, and culminated in calling my ex and then overdosing. I spent the night in the Emergency room.

Two months later, I found out that this date was one of the most important of the year for the Illuminati, and was called the marriage of the beast. It was also my ex’s birthday and I had many memories tied to the events that occurred on this day. I had also been struggling with callback programming on the date.

The survivor of ritual abuse, and those who support them, can benefit from knowing when ritual holidays occur. These are often what are known in psychological terms as “anniversary events” with painful trauma attached to the dates at the least, or at worst, are designated callback dates for the survivor. Being forewarned, and preparing, can help the survivor get through these holiday dates.

Please be aware that different occult and ritualistic groups observe different holidays, and those with importance in one group may be minor or ignored in another. Some groups have originated in Europe, and the European ritual holidays are observed, whereas others have originated in the US, and link their dates to the US calendar. Many groups that originated as a perversion of Roman Catholicism will link their holy days to the Christian calendar, and mock the Christian rites. Other groups with Celtic origins will link to the Celtic calendar; but many groups incorporate a mix of several disciplines dependent on the whims of leadership for the group.

Here is a listing of some of the major holidays for several disciplines (this is not an exhaustive calendar, as local leadership may incorporate their own holidays and rites):

January 7th St. Winebald Day

January 13 th Satanic New Year

February 1 Olmelc

February 2 Candlemas

February 14 Fertility rituals

February 25 Walpurgis Day

March 21 Feast of the Spring Equinox

April 20 to May 1: this is one of the most active times of the year, with weeks of preparation for Beltane (Walpurgisnacht) on April 30 and May 1

June 21, 22 Summer Solstice rituals

July 31, August 1 Lammas

September 5 to 7 Marriage of the Beast

September 21 Fall Equinox

October 29 to Nov. 4 All Hallow’s Eve and Halloween rites, with follow up revels in early November for some groups

December 21-22 Winter solstice

December 25 th Christmas

Certain holidays will change year to year, since they are tied to the lunar cycle. One is the Easter revels, which begin the week before Easter in some groups. Some groups tie their spiritual rituals to full moons, and new moons.

The person’s birthday will also be tied to special ceremonies and initiations.

In the Illuminati, they followed many of the traditional dates for their spiritual gatherings. But they also had members come in two or three times a week between rituals for military training, scholarship training, sciences training, or training in other disciplines. The spiritual was only one part of the process, and was not that engaged in most frequently. Other groups may do things differently, and the frequency of meetings many vary.

Birthdays in the Illuminati are always tied to horrific rituals, abuse, and ceremonies. To this day, even though most other holidays have lost their grip on me as I have worked through the memories, I choose to not celebrate my own birthday because of the immense pain attached to it. Instead, I choose to do something nice for myself, and celebrate the fact that I am now a new creation in Christ. For me, my true birthday is the day I received Christ.