The Colour Coded Doctors

What are the Colour Coded Doctors

Persons who apply trauma mind control to others are known as Doctors. The original ‘Dr Green’ was more famously known as Josef Mengele. There is also a Dr Blue, Dr Red, Dr White, Dr Black and Dr Silver.

The more common programmed multiples I’ve met have all been programmed by Green, Red or Blue to my knowledge. For all survivors of trauma mind control too, a simple question such as what their favourite colour is – can sometimes give you an insight to what Doctor programmed that person.

These Doctors rely heavily on the use of their undetectable mind control as proxies, which enables them to hide in the shadows and manipulate events without ever being detected. Considering that the mind control is the crux of their secretive work, if the mind control is to be discovered and undone then it would limit their power in many ways.

For myself I was born into ‘The Family’, and in turn have met these Colour Coded Doctors. For years I had been searching in the depths of my own mind for any truthful information, and also everywhere on the Internet. Their identities are hard to find, and some of the most protected information within a mind control system. This is my best attempts at reconstructing the hierarchy pyramid that relates to the colour coded doctors. All of them at one point, at least the ones with military association have had the title Lieutenant.

This information has been collected by myself from talking with other survivors and learning interesting things, and also my own memory recovery and working with The Core.

I don’t have much information on BLACK, SILVER or WHITE.

If you were to view the hierarchy pyramid from afar, it is one large triangle comprised of smaller triangles within the pyramid. The bellow image is a very crude example of how it may look, however in reality it is comprised of many more triangles inside to keep the power balance. These is transposed over the top of how Illuminati knowledge is colour coded.

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Dr Green


More noted to be a Dr Green. There were other ‘Dr Greens’ before himself, however it was his work which cemented the go ahead to apply trauma mind control as a means to control the planet and the population. What could go wrong! There are many rumours of his death and also what date that occurred. From my unconscious core, the date of 1992 was revealed to me. I believe his deaths were faked in the late 80s, with 1992 being the proper year he died. Being obsessed with immortality, he has preserved his consciousness within the BEAST systems at the least. Towards the end of his years, he was regarded as antiquated.


This was Josef Mengeles successor and student, who would have taken his place. This name I recovered from my own memory. These words will also return zero results on any search engines. From what I understand this is a German name that maybe common. When I was very little in the care of these people, I did all I could to take what information I could with my photographic memory. At the time I was programmed to be dyslexic for this reason, however the information still stuck properly within my unconscious mind. I believe this man is still at large, and most likely would be living underground continuing his research.

Dr Red


Worked with Josef Mengele and gained much power fast due to his association and work within the areas of trauma mind control. This man was actually known to be involved with this, however no one knew in the world just who ‘Dr Red’ was. During towards the end of the year 2015, I had asked Fritz Springmeier about Dr Red. He believed he was a new Doctor, and there wasn’t much information.

During a radio show after talking I discovered that Aquino indeed had to at least be a Red colour coded Doctor. After some more research it seemed to click and I shared the information with Fritz Springmeier over Facebook. But a few days later, I found myself in mental health services where I was heavily programmed again through traumatic means.

There is a strong chance that the original LT MICHAEL AQUINO died in October of 2016, however no real news or anything of this as it was from a lose news source. Again, these colour coded doctors are obsessed with immortality and given their access to technology, a change of bodies or consciousness transfer is within their limits.

I put together this image and thought it was rather funny. Aquino didn’t though lol.


The second in command for RED goes by the name Mentor, and is believed to be based in the USA. They both share the same first name when travelling under civilian names.

Dr Blue


Associated with Australian military. Currently retired. Seemed responsible for programming on Australian military bases and their operations. Has been regarded as incompetent, however with my personal experiences he seemed to have some insight to the future and his current actions – which is maybe why he was regarded as incompetent. During the identity leaks in November 2015 of Dr Red, he retired from this position and gave his power to the ‘Fat Dr Blue’, which was his second in command.

Desmond around ‘retiring’ from being a mind control Doctor may have given information relating to the mind control on Australian military bases to Wikileaks.

‘The Fat Dr Blue’

The second Dr Blue in this hierarchy. Currently heading the BLUE colour coded territories for power and mind control. This man can be regarded as blinded by arrogance and power. I’m coming for you! : )

How the Colour Coded Doctors Travel

Each colour coded doctor and their students all have ‘john doe’ civilian names. The name ‘Michael’ seems to relate to Dr Red and his students. The last name of the civilian name also has some importance, and in some cases may relate to a colour. During the months of July to August 2016, Lt Gerwulf Achung was travelling under the name ‘Mark Black’. Black relating to mundane misinformation. The Doctors also travel with a mind controlled companion to aid their work. Dr Blue has a nurse type he seems to travel with. Their personal files and informations are generally stored within their companions mind control systems.


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