This purpose of this report is to provide more info on the t.b.m.c. programmers.

TOP PROGRAMMER (examples of). As my books on t.b.m.c. exposed, these sadistic top programmers typically have gone by a color code: Dr. Green, Dr. Black, Dr. White etc. Now bear in mind that each of these color nick names has been used by multiple programmers. This article will consider the current Dr. Blue, bn. perhaps in the ‘50’s. The programming of Australia is under his direction. His direct programming assistants, who he supervises & trains, also will use the nickname Dr. Blue when working for him. Australia is a few years behind the USA in their extent/level of t.b.m.c., but rapidly catching up. Military bases are used for programming. A description of Dr. Blue would incl. grey head & facial hair, over weight like most men his age w/ pot bellies, & a workaholic. He travels with a “nurse”. He may be orig. from Australia, but apparently lives outside the country. Problem cases are handled by Dr. Blue directly. Dr. Red operates out of the U.S. Years ago, the primary Dr. Red was located in Texas. His programming was quite distinctive. Internal “clones” of the top programmer will be placed deep in the alter system in an executive role. You may be able to discern what the nickname of the programmer was by the colors that the victim finds attractive. This is for sure a subtle thing, but an example is this: someone programmed by Dr. Black & Dr. Green, when given a choice of tables picks one with black marble w/ green lines. One has to know the victim before concluding that a preference is a hint of their top programmer’s nickname.

MID-LEVEL PROGRAMMER (examples of). Jimmy Buffett, who is an entertainer constantly on tour & travelling, is a skilled mid-level programmer who is very proficient w/ the codes & internal structures. In Aug. 2000, he entertained Pres. Bill Clinton on the White House lawn. Born in Miss. in ’46, schooled at St. Ignatius, he became a multimillionaire & philanthropist while doing smuggling in the Caribbean using a speedboat & plane. You may know him as the singer/song writer of “Margaritaville” and “Come Monday”. Entertainers are especially well suited for the t.b.m.c. because they can travel without suspicion & can be used for running contraband like drugs or weapons.
Lily Tomlin (bn. ’39), who is a comedian/actress, is a leader of Hollywood’s underground Satanic covens, which thrive on t.b.m.c. Back in the early ‘70’s she got a role on Laugh-In sitting in a big rocking chair that made her adult body look child-size. From there, she became a famous comedian, & actress who got many awards incl. Tony, Grammy & Emmy awards. It is common for the Network/Illum. to set their t.b.m.c. programmers/handlers up as comedians, because everyone loves a comedian. The programming codes also use puns. On Jan. 1, 2014 she “married” her significant other Jane Wagner.
Some of the mid-level programmers are very personable individuals.

LOW LEVEL PROGRAMMERS (handlers). The day-to-day handlers keep their codes on laptops (or the old method–binders). They can change some surface programming and create a few alters, but the foundational structures are off limits. Like the other programmers they like to leave their mark—their signature within the programming. They like to create alters who think they are the handler. Handlers will create soul ties with the victim, for instance, marrying the victim to him or herself with secret occult wedding rituals. They will have 2 part or 3 part access codes, which involve touching the victim—for instance, touching their brow, or hip in a certain way. The scary handlers may cause their slaves to split their minds just by their presence. Some victims may have handlers in their own family, as Ernest Ray Lynn was a handler for his mother Loretta Lynn. Families under the t.b.m.c. all spy on each other for their handlers/owners.

SPECIALISTS. There are innumerable specialists who are skilled at some facet of the training or programming, for instance, working with children or teaching astral projection. To teach high-level sexual slaves special sexual skills (perversions) there is a Charm School in Youngstown, OH.


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