This article focuses on who does the t.b.m.c. programming. It builds on my information given in my book “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-controlled Slave”, pages 365-375, and subsequent articles such as my 9/10/15 post. My info in the “Formula…” book (on those pages) about the programmers is still the best out there. It provides general info on the programmers, and then focuses in detail on 3 main programmers: Dr. Mengele (Dr. Green), Dr. Ewin Cameron (Dr. White) and the Anti-Christ, whose candidates are being trained as master programmers. While articles like this relate dispassionate facts, the reality of this trauma-based m.c. is horrific, as horrible as anything conceivable for the torture & degradation of these millions of slaves is ongoing. Our media plays up the holocaust, while covering up similar tragedies going on in secret all around us. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy & Charlie Manson were all t.b. programmed multiples. The police had all kinds of evidence of Dahmer’s Satanism that they hid from the public. So while this article simply gives facts, the sadistic horrors that these programmers perform transform the programmers into human monsters.

PROGRAMMERS ARE GLOBAL. The t.b.m.c. has slipped beyond the direct control and purveyance of the Illuminati, as it has spread globally. Programmers now speak Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, French & Chinese, not just English or German as in the past. After WW 2, the Americans wanted & brought over the German & Italian mind control researchers. Mengele was not the only German imported to do t.b.m.c. There was also a man called Heinrich Mueller, but I have not mentioned him very often because I was not sure that we had the real name. My recent exposure of the German town of Stuttgart, Arkansas and added info about the millionaire closed community of Slovak just 9 miles to the north of Stuttgart (which was the site of a small military airfield), may reveal the original area that these German programmers were housed. In the Middle East, Israeli intelligence, Arab Intelligence/Police agencies, and American programmers are creating the m.c. people that help stir up trouble in that region. Still the top programmers are Illuminati, they will be in the Illum. hierarchy, a Grande Master, a “5-star general”, or Ipsissimus. It is suspected that the current Dr. Black operates in India, & further that he is a hierarchy member. Here in the U.S., Dr. Black programming is connected to Assembly of God-Charismatic programming. The results of “Dr. Black” programmers that I have seen were all allowed Charismatic fronts. (That is not to say they didn’t sincerely convert—the power of the loving Creator is all powerful.)

LEVELS OF PROGRAMMERS. My 10 SEP ’15 article brought out that there were different levels of programmers: TOP PROGRAMMERS, MID-LEVEL, LOW LEVEL (handlers), and SPECIALISTS. The top programmers use color codes, and their students who are being trained as possible replacements who assist that particular top programmer will use the same color code. The all-around top programmer is Dr. Green, and they select the best interesting candidates to assist him. The original Dr. Green was Mengele…and the man occupying that position now is also German. He will begin mentoring selected boys, who will compete ruthlessly in hopes that they will someday become Dr. Green themselves. Dr. Green often is responsible for the foundational 13x13x13 grid. The world is perhaps into its 4th generation of color coded top programmers. A victim will often begin with Green and be handed to another color code. Students of the top doctors will operate under their name and be assigned slaves to work with over long periods of time. His top student is reported to look like a Ken Barbie Doll with gym muscling. Students who don’t cut the grade are simply discarded…are not worth enough for the Illuminati to keep them around alive.

FEMALE HELP. Besides using these boys, Illuminati girls will also assist in jobs connected to the programming—perhaps wielding a stun gun to shock selected kids in cages. The Illuminati Mothers of Darkness, who consist of 11 grades (ranks) and number less than 3,000 worldwide also help a great deal with programming. Selected Mothers will train the children (for instance building internal worlds) and do the delicate work with the core. Mothers-of-darkness alters are assembled in triads (trinities)—maiden, mother, crone combos on spinning pedestals. These alters are not in the deep trance that some of the other alters are in…nor have they been dehumanized & brutalized like say, for instance, Gatekeeper alters. Grande Dames, such as Mary Margaret, Doris Duke & Hillary Clinton will have children who are programmed to serve them. They operate at what I call MID-LEVEL programming. An example of a specialist was Navy shrink Lt. Comdr. Thomas Narut, who helped develop Delta assassination alter programming. The Delta alters are put to sleep internally, connected to the Umbrella programming. A typical female mind-controlled slave will also have Delta alters trained to kill. An example of a top secret Delta Force m.c. site has been at Waco, TX. A final thought: some female handlers (LOW LEVEL PROGRAMMERS) can do some minor programming.

HISTORY PRIOR TO MENGELE. The Illuminati and MI-6 (which they controlled) were programming before WW 2. There were also German t.b.m.c. programmers before Mengele. I don’t know the names of these early programmers, but their satanic handiwork have come into to therapists in Europe & the U.S.A. In past centuries, some of the programmers have traditionally hid behind the front of the Catholic church and various Lodge systems. Mengele can be credited to taking things to a more scientific/German engineered level. Some of the programmers like Michael Aquino (Mickey, Malcolm, etc.) and Jerry Lee Lewis are sadistic monsters in the vein of Mengele.

DR. RED. If I remember correctly, this programmer is assoc. with the OTO. A Dr. Star, out of Corpus Christi, TX did OTO t.b.m.c. programming. So far it appears that Dr. Red’s programming is confined to OTO areas, esp. the U.S. & U.K.

DR. BLUE. These series of programmers may have originally been Heinrich Mueller (Gog). He has two sons who assisted, one of which was Theodore (Teddy Bear). Interestingly, a multiple in Australia felt a Desmond Mueller (Australian military w/ ASD) looked like the current Dr. Blue. Much of the programming in Australia is done via the ASD, bearing in mind that all the intelligence agencies of the U.K.-U.S.A.-Australia-Can.-NZ are essentially branches of one organization. While Dr. Blue can be seen in the west coast US and Australia…there does not seem to be hard & fast guidelines as to where these various doctors’ victims will show up. The current Dr. Blue was bn. perhaps in the ‘50s. I described him in a previous post, gray haired, balding patch in the middle of the head, mustached, and overweight like so many men his age. He wears glasses. He has a female associate, who travels with him. His specialty in trauma was to overwhelm the olfactory sense.

MILITARY PROGRAMMERS. Over the years, I have given the names of dozens of military programmers incl. : Lt. Col. John Alexander, Col. Wilson Green, Col. Height, Col. Manassah, Maj. Strange, & Col. Taylor. All the American military bases are used for t.b.m.c. programming…and all the military branches are involved…and this appears to hold true for the U.K. & Australia. The Canadian m.c. appears to have frequently been done by Americans. It would be impossible to sort this thing out by nationalities because, for instance, Michael Aquino has been in the U.K. programming for MI-6. Unfortunately, this scandalous activity goes all the way up to our generals & admirals—the people we would like to think of as heroes, are involved in the abuse of children. In one post, I gave the link to one military wife exposing what her husband & Pentagon co-workers were involved with. (I do know of one Gen. Russell Bowen who got disgusted & became a whistle blower…He was sent to Fed. prison. And Aldrich Ames said that he was a turn coat because the CIA was lying to the public & deceitful about the value of their agency.)

CIA PROGRAMMERS. Over the years, I have given the names of many of these, incl. Dr. William Jennings Bryan, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Meiers, Dr. James Monroe, & Dr. Orne. In the U.K. we had Dr. Sergeant. The DCIs (directors of the CIA) have all known completely about the t.b.m.c., and their top echelon leaders, the Sr. Intelligence Service also. Although pretending to end MK Ultra, the CIA (which now clashes head to head with Russia’s SVR) still uses t.b.m.c. One of the things I don’t recall mentioning is that polygraph tests are given to t.b.m.c. slaves after they have done a mission, before their memories are erased. CIA polygraph tests are even hooked up to computer analysis to aid the tester. While the CIA operates in many Amer. univ., hospitals & other institutions…their main training ctr. is Camp Perry (the Farm), a gated community learning paramilitary skills, spycraft and in general tradecraft, across from Colonial Williamsburg, VA. No doubt there are on-site programmers.

THERAPISTS. Most of the therapists have been compromised. For a while the therapeutic community was gaining awareness & beginning to help DID patients. One Rothschild therapist in Louisiana, who I exposed, called & told me she had broken free of her own MPD m.c. Another example of a cult hypnotherapist/rehab counselor is Kevin M. Grise. People like him assist with the m.c. In another situation, one client (a DID victim) recorded a session with her therapist by her phone which I listened to. The therapist is giving m.c. triggers.

CONCLUSION. This has been another look at the programmers. Much of this information has been given by me in the past, but it has been reassembled & repackaged in a new way, & hopefully provides a fresh look at the sadistic programmers.


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