Your sense of identity is systematically under attack by the World Order, although many don’t realize it. For instance, how many blacks realize that wearing one’s pants below the butt was a way for a submissive inmate to show a more powerful inmate he was his bitch.

You have been socially engineered to feel lost. Cut adrift from our heritages, homelands, & our ties, our sense of belonging is confused. Diabolical mechanisms socially redesign the fabric of society into a World Order slave state by attacking our identity. Moving people around (which the military & corporations love to do) is part of an extensive detailed plan to rob people of the chance to have roots. We have entire “communities” of strangers lacking commitment to each other & to the area they reside in. Increasingly, Americans lack a deeply committed support person, for instance an old family friend or helpful extended family members. Families are needed to give a sense of worthiness. Family life is important for growing up children.

People are accepting the lie that fathers are superfluous. “Who needs a dad?” It’s rare for the World to acknowledge that dads have a distinctive role to play in child raising, and also may be the most significant person in a child’s development of its self-image, (not to mention that mothers do best with a husband). Whether dads want it or not, they are role models for better or worse. And while God has feminine qualities (like compassion), the masculine imagery of God in the Word is inspired by the Spirit of Truth, for the Almighty is our role model, our head, our leader; He is our heavenly Father through His gentle strength & ceaseless presence, with His fruitful provision & preserving protection, and by His unconditional love & unmeasurable wisdom. The proper role model of a father will inspire self-confidence, empathy & love towards others, wisdom, and good relations with others. Responsible models of fatherhood inspire trust in the Creator. Both father & mother are important for a balanced sense of identity.

In 1651, Leviathan [monster], an influential book by Thomas Hobbs, changed the way people viewed themselves. Atheist Hobbs decided that if we stripped man of his civilized nature, we then saw the real man. For him reality was something like the killing fields of Pol Pot. His book’s lies from the pit of hell meant to convince man that whatever we want– no matter how disgusting morally– we have a right to do, for there is no good or evil, only pleasure & pain. He portrayed man as a vile beast; & rather than early mankind beginning like Adam & Eve, they began as blood-thirsty cannibals looking for victims. He wrote, “Because the condition of man…is a condition of war every one against every one; in which case one is governed by his own reason….it followeth, that in such a condition, every man has a right to every thing; even to one another’s body.” What a screwed up image of man! And yet this screwed up philosophy is underlying the actions & self-image of many today.

And if your image of yourself is Hobbesian, you will indeed end up living like he describes man in Leviathan. Add in Darwin’s Survival of the fittest, and Hitler’s & Obama’s eugenics make perfect sense. Darwin himself believed in eugenics (although a gentle one), and morality was whatever helped one survive. And in Darwin’s Descent of Man, Part 1, Chapter 6, p. 201 he foresees a time when an improved Caucasian race exterminates the lower races. Don’t let your identity as a child of God be stolen, and replaced with the image of a wild brute beast. In fact Nietzsche, who openly admitted he had the spirit of the AntiChrist, took atheism to its real end, he declared that the noble caste were those who were completely beasts. Such noble beasts would sacrifice “untold human beings” and reduce others to slaves! (The Nazis followed Nietzsche’s teachings & destroyed the family life & identities of those they subjugated.) Nietzsche despised the Christian view of man. After writing Der AntiChrist, he went insane. But his distorted view of human continues. Many atheists have told me they love Nietzsche, yet very few go as far as he did in his negative view of mankind.

Our heritages & families are important. The Bible’s picture of heaven is that all tribes & nations still have their own identity—they are not all issued the same Roman toga or Mao suit. And people don’t realize God warns people not to tear down the boundaries He created, incl. the nations. There is no reason I should hate you for loving your nation, any more than you should hate me for loving mine. Everyone can love their own family, & still respect that others love their own families. There is no need for people to be stripped of their identities.

Part of your identity is that God has place Himself within you. He is a still gentle inner voice, sometimes perceived as “inner pressure”. This inner pressure (called by some an “inner witness”, by others “the peace of God”) may become an insistent urging that becomes the focus of your attention. A witness of Peace results when we are near God. The Word says, “Let the peace of Christ rule [govern, guide] in your hearts. Have you discovered your identity in Christ? Have you discovered your purpose? Have you found the peace of God? Recognize who you are, and do not let people steal your dignity, your identity. I love how Braveheart (Scotsman William Wallace) kept his identity…they labeled him a “traitor” and he answers before they kill him that he never swore allegiance to the English king!! Who of us has sworn allegiance to our modern godless tyrannical kings? No we are not traitors. We know what king we serve!!

(My faithful brother in Christ Ed, a good friend since 1975, flew in from the east coast & spent yest. & today w/ me. Our picture of us together yesterday is attached.)


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