It is a little known fact that the colonies when they became states continued in their new state constitutions the right of “liberty of conscience”. James Madison worked hard in vain to give Almighty God His rightful place over men’s consciences & hearts by including the phrase “liberty of conscience” in the Constitution for the Federal govt. But men who were hoping the Constitution would lead to big powerful govt. knew that granting men “liberty of conscience” would mean Americans would object to fighting senseless wars for the politicians on the basis of conscience!! So they removed “liberty of conscience” from the text of the Constitution.

Certain individuals want to oppose the NWO as atheists, & dislike it that I weave Christ’s teachings into my posts. What powerful alternative do we have to a tyrannical world government other than God?? In answer certain persons would put forward an atheistic form of anarchism. We will discuss why that fails. The ideas in this post are nothing novel, they have been discussed & realized for centuries. Many of our founding fathers wanted a very limited govt. based on Biblical truth. It’s time for a reminder.

The World System is addicted to power, & increasingly seeks more. Those that participate in its decision making positions are locked into those positions by blackmail, & more to the point by the Illuminati’s total mind-control. The World has amassed incredible power. From my first hand work with taking people out of the Illuminati, I know that unless those in Moriah (another name for the mother of sec. societies) see a power greater than the one they serve, they will not dare to budge from their captivity. All the persons of that 4-person team I worked with had had many recognizable miracles from God.

When it comes to the concept of human rights, there are only 3 positions: God gave us inalienable rights, governments grant us rights, humans have no rights. Let us discuss whether Government or God gives mankind rights. The U.N. has declared it is government; our Declaration of Independence held it is God. If govt., then rights can be taken away, which is what has happened w/ frequency worldwide. If God, then they are inalienable (non-transferable). If man through the creation of government creates his rights, then ultimately there are no intrinsic tangible rights. On the other hand, the Word of God indicates that God Himself grants us our rights. So why are atheists so reluctant to switch to firmer ground which will yield tangible rights?

Secular/atheistic anarchists find it popular to say “No gods, no master.” They equate all religion with servitude. And by & large organized religion (even Christendom) has been used as a force for control. They fail to see that everyone serves something. For instance, Christ said you cannot serve Money & God. If you don’t serve God, you will serve the other powers, which may simply be the demonic forces in life. The word Demon is not Christian in origin…it originated in Greece! In pagan countries, for instance India as a random example, servitude is the norm. In atheist countries like the Romania, the former Soviet Union & North Korea, servitude is the norm. On the other hand, growing spiritually & in wisdom does not mean handing responsibility for your life to someone else. One can believe in God and not subject yourself to worldly powers. In fact, a proper spirituality should be liberating while making a person more responsible.

What I propose, what I bring to the table, is that the teachings of Christ are liberating & are a pure anarchy. He said his mission was to liberate the captives. His Sermon on the Mount preaches love & non-violence. Govt.s are generally very violent, as well as deceitful & promoters of idolatrous things. Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, the heart of his teachings, calls mankind to reject these violent tyrannical govt.s, while calling man to line up & serve the attributes of God’s nature, His Spirit. What Christ was advocating was not new, but actually would restore the ideal that YHWH wanted. Originally, God had set up Israel without a human government ruling directly. “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25) He allowed them a king because they didn’t like being different from all the other nations. He warned them that in the move from God-led anarchism to a king, they would end up paying taxes, getting drafted & finding their country involved in wars. William Penn summed it with his famous quote, “If men will not be governed by God, they then must be governed by tyrannts.” While there have been intentional communities without top down power structures, even technologically primitive peoples often have powerful kings, chiefs & warlords in charge.

There are many other parts of the teachings of Christ that are so essential to our lives: hope, truth, love, competence, forgiveness & others. Over the years, many people have asked me to share the solutions to the mess we are in, but so often they don’t want to consider the time-tested available answers, because they rebel against the idea that life was created & must answer to its Creator. It was no accident the Illum. Order of Skull & Bones (as well as other instit. & frats) imported in Wundt’s & Darwin’s ideas into all aspects of American education. They have succeeded in falsely convincing people that your education is a job for the govt., that evolution has been proven, & that God is a superstition. And while they did this they probably did not tell you they were stealing your rights!!


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