You are already on some government martial law list 18 DEC 2012

You are already on some government martial law list. Accept it and plan accordingly. I think it is important to restate and clarify something. The reason this is on my mind is a conversation I had with a young ex-military vet yesterday who is fully aware of the FEMA concentration camps, and how the military has created a new MOS (military occupation specialty) for those who will round up Americans to send to the camps. He was still skeptical that American troops would fire on Americans. However, American history has hundreds of incidents throughout our history from the beginning of this country: the Whiskey Rebellion; and then continuing thru the entire history of this nation: the Ludlow massacre, the destruction of the protesting demobilized Vet’s village in Washington D.C. after WW I, and many other incidents which consistently prove that American troops have always followed orders and fired on civilian Americans. Even the National Guard did at Kent State. When IBP went on strike in 1979, the National Guard using armored personnel carriers with .50 machine guns under Reagon’s policy to break the unions, shot and killed strikers. How short is our memory? The numerous lists of Americans are made up in detail. They have made an indepth study of everyone and how they think. Numerous eyewitnesses to these lists have talked to me about them. Do not think you are exempt. You are on a list of some kind. We are collectively at the point that people in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia were at when their governments began incarcerating and eliminating their own people. Most people do not realize that 100% of the Amish in Nazi Germany were eliminated. You will search in vain for any descendants of the Amish in Germany. Think about these things, and if you are in denial, then come out of your denial, unless you want to simply and passively go with the flow, which is what most people did in Germany and Russia, and what the Powers-That-Should-Not-Be are counting on again. And the police? When I was falsely arrested in 1995, and tried to maintain my Constitutional rights, the police mocked me for believing in the Constitution. It was very obvious that the Constitution meant nothing to them!!! That may shock people, but I have heard via elderly police that the disdain for the Constitution and law is even worse than then with the new police recruits. Nazi Germany had plenty of mindless storm troopers willing to serve tyranny. History repeats itself.


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