Yaks, Yurts & Illuminati Bribes 26 SEP 2013

Yaks, Yurts & Illuminati Bribes: A brief intro to secret activity in Central Asia. There are 5 newly independent landlocked mountainous Islamic nations in central Asia north of Afghanistan & Iran which have been active these last 15 years w/ the West. The Illuminati was involved in coordinating the drug deals & drug flow from Afghanistan to U.S. markets, & they have paid off key string pullers in the region, for instance, the late Laurance Rockefeller (Illum. kingpin who died 2004), under the cover of irrigation projects, gave bribes to key power players in Tajikistan. Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors serves donors giving to recipients in Tajikistan, as well as supporting radical Afghan women leaders of CONNECT to advocate for Afghan women to be like American women. The World Bank has also been involved in projects in the area.
Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan (Kirghizstan), Kazakhstan, & Turkmenistan are the 5 small Islamic nations in Central Asia which were part of the USSR. Three of the 5 have oil & gas, & the U.S. govt. on behalf of Illum. elite families negotiated to get oil production privileges. Tajikistan exports perhaps 80 bbl/day of crude oil. There is also the presence of uranium, gold & silver—how much I don’t know. Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, & Uzbekistan are drug corridors for heroin & opium going to Europe & the USA. Their dictators are part of the drug running & make periodic pretenses to fight the movement of drugs thru their countries…often this is simply making sure they have no local competition. The 5 are still connected to Russia via the Russian Mafiya, whose main HQ in the area is at Krasnoyarsk, as well as military & economic connections. They all have Orwellian dictatorships that allow no criticism, & since 9/11 the Amer. govt. has made sure that these dictators & their families got very rich. Our govt. talks of “nation building”, what has really gone on is those elite who will work w/ our elite have been made more rich & powerful, while the people of the region have been put into chaos & drug addiction. The U.S. govt. has strengthened the Orwellian world that the citizens in these places have to endure. The common people of Tajikistan get most of their money from either the 1 million Tajiks living abroad in foreign countries like the U.S., or from the drug trade.
On Oct. 12, 2001 (a month after 9/11), the U.S. govt. & Uzbekistan’s ruler made a formal agreement allowing the U.S. a secret military base called K2. Soon over 2,000 U.S. troops of the 10th Mountain division deployed there waiting to move into Afghanistan. Drones, planes & the CIA also moved into the base. Later, an Amer. base was set up in Tajikistan for $125 million to Tajikistan, and one in Kyrgyzstan also. The dictators of these nations got monopolies to provide for Amer. & NATO troops, and got wealthy. Of course none of this could have happened w/out the Russian stringpullers giving their permission. (Note that Moscow now has more millionaires than any other city.) After 9/11, Russia even provided their retired commanders, who had run their Afghan war, to brief the Amer. generals on Afghanistan before the U.S. invaded.
Opium. The Tajiks speak Persian; & there are also Tajiks in Afghan. & they were helpful to both the Russians and the Americans when these countries inserted their troops into Afghan. When the Russians invaded in ’79, the CIA ran a secret war against them. The groups that the CIA supplied arms to produced lots of opium, which was then sent to refineries in Pakistan protected by the Pakistani military. Pakistani military trucks would haul arms one way & bring the refined heroin back by the ton from the western Pakistani refineries to the capital for shipment to Europe & Amer. The Amer. DEA agents were ordered not to interfere, & got themselves out of the way by doing paperwork in the capital Karachi. Pakistan is ruled by about 25 elite families, who have been made wealthier & more powerful by the U.S. in the last 40 yrs. However, the CIA’s heroin operations in the ‘80’s created an epidemic of addiction in Pakistan & Iran when opium & heroin were available & relatively cheap. When the Afghan heroin hit Amer. in ’79, it took over half the market & drug deaths soared. NYC’s rose by 77%. When the U.S. went back into Afghanistan after 9/11, large quantities of heroin & opium began flowing to the U.S. & Europe again. The Afghan border w/ Tajikistan is patrolled by thousands of Tajik troops, and there are only 4 bridge crossing over the border river Amu Darya. So the smugglers stay out of sight using the wild remote mountainous areas, & are assisted by the fact that the Tajik ruler & his appointed govt. are on the drug pay roll & protect the drug trade. A few yrs. ago, the U.N. estimated 100 tons of heroin came thru Tajikistan annually. Signs of the drug trade are the numerous Porsches in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe, banks & the money to do construction in a nation that is the poorest in Asia. Part of the drugs fly out from the capital which is serviced by 4 different airlines…flying to places like Russia & Turkey. Part of the drugs travel the partially paved road thru the Rasht Valley which winds thru a valley w/ snow-capped mountains towards Russia. This was in ancient times the silk road from China to Europe.
These 5 central Asian countries are poor & ruled by tyrannical dictators. These nations have been squeezed between Russia & China, as well as other empires. Their elite are enriching themselves by working w/ our elite, incl. helping hundreds of tons of Afghan heroin & opium to flood thru central Asia headed to addicts in Europe & the U.S


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