written by Diana Learn….The Boston Bombings, A Ran 21 APR 2013

written by Diana Learn….The Boston Bombings, A Rant:

It has been nearly one week since the Boston Marathon Bombings. The internet is swarming with speculation, theory and conspiracy ranging from the absurd to the very likely. Yet, on every post, every musing, every wild machination there is one common question. Why? And really, the “why” is the issue, regardless of the “how.”

Let’s forget about what actually happened for just a moment – for it is VERY LIKELY that we will NEVER know the real truth – and look at what has ACTUALLY occurred since this event.

1. Mainstream Media spent 2-3 days feeding Americans with the line that it was “most likely a patriot, ex-military or Tea Party person upset about Tax Day.” That propaganda cannot be taken back. In the end, that is not the scenario that played out, but was most likely one of the options. The rhetoric that started from DHS that our biggest threat is Domestic Terror has been codified in the minds of the masses.

2. The cry for more security has already started on Capital Hill and in the LIberal Media with lawmakers journalists shouting that we “need more cameras.” 

3. Obvious suspicious activity by the current administration has been underway since the news leaked about the Saudi National that was treated in the hospital for injury and the news of a “walk by,” “accidental” meeting between the Saudi prince and President Obama. This individual is set for deportation due to “security concerns.” 

4. Violence in general continues to press the debate to disarm law abiding citizens.

5. When the Chechnyans were identified, these manhunt resulted in the COMPLETE SHUT DOWN of a major metropolitan city. 
This is not OK. This is not what a free country looks like. This is what Martial Law looks like, yet the residents CHEERED and sang PATRIOTIC songs as a 19 year old with a gun was apprehended. 
The uniformed Americans VOLUNTARILY gave up their individual right to the 4th amendment:

6. Now, Linsey Graham and others are calling to invoke the NDAA (how CONVENIENT that we just passed that) to the suspect and Enemy Combatant and hold him indefinitely, without Miranda. This kid will be tortured, no doubt, and all to uproarious cheers of the American people.

This event is an absolute WATERSHED moment in the history of the United States of America. Whether this event was provoked, allowed, set up, staged or an actual act of terror, it does not matter. The desired result has been achieved. You are watching, before your very eyes, the ultimate codification of a new worldview for America. The rights of INDIVIDUALS are being suppressed for the “safety” of the COLLECTIVE…. and it is being done with the express permission of the people.

Now, just this morning, a “sleeper cell” has been identified.
I wonder if they will pull out the drones for this one. Put a trial balloon up there fro the people to see if killing a suspected terrorist on American soil, via an armed drone, will fly. My guess is if they do, it too will be met with hosannahs and “God Bless America.”

This WORLD is under judgement, and the means by which it is being carried out is through the systems that have been set up, with God’s permission. Satan is the Prince of the Power of the Air and he and his Archons, Exousia and Kosmokrators are pushing their agenda of suppression, collectivization, and outright oppression upon this planet. The micro-view of a singular event is important only in its placement inside the larger, Unified Conspiracy Theory that is the ultimate demise of ALL systems created by Man in an attempt to out-do God. And THAT is what we need to keep in mind as speculation flies. Our battles are not to be fought in the temporal, but we are commanded to counter the worldviews and ideologies (imaginations/strong holds) of the people who seek to promote “non-God-awareness” (every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God). 2 Corinthians 10:3-5



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