With every action there is a reaction 18 FEB 2013

With every action there is a reaction. Another principle: When God permits evil, it often goes beyond the limits He has placed on it and it brings judgment on itself. Such was the case of the mighty Assyrian army wiped out before Jerusalem. How far will the vile evil go that has hijacked our Constitutional government (a government of the people for the people)??

The tide is rising on popular discontent with our Orwellian government that leads us into globalism, divine judgment, and poverty and away from our Constitutional and spiritual heritage. The mass media, owned and controlled by the elite, does not accurately portray this rising disgust; however, the controlled media does seem to enjoy provoking chaos and division.

So how far will we fall into chaos? Riots? Bombings? Armed revolution? Will violence restore America? It seems to me that we are being pushed into chaos, the type that split Germany up into private armies killing each other. That CHAOS led to the new ORDER that the victors (the Nazis) imposed. Order out of chaos. Presently, in spite of the dismay of the unemployed and underemployed as they watch the American police state mushroom in our faces… in spite of the outrage as our out-of-control government morally and spiritually bankrupts this nation…in spite of people fears of being disarmed, there really is no viable opposition that can challenge the world’s single military superpower. If chaos is engineered, who eventually wins, and who gets eliminated? Obviously, the opposition to the PTSNB gets removed, and in the process grows a stronger dictatorship and foreign intervention. (Countries like China would enjoy seeing us fall into chaos.) If we see this process, how do we free Americans prevent our extinction? I believe the beginning of the answer is this: faith overcomes the world, and by extension the new world order. If we are going to struggle for liberty we had better do it intelligently and spiritually.


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