We are in a full scale battle for our health; & the solutions for victory are unrecognized because the World System’s Health Care System & the World’s mass media, both in business to make money for the elite, are lined up with the Illum.’s population control agenda. This is especially true in the USA, where we consume 86% of the drugs produced globally!! But our national health is far behind many other countries. This post is written with the goal of encouraging & empowering at least one person to commit to action based on the realization that “I am the solution”—no one else will care for my health as much as I or can know my body like I do. We need to discard the false notion that the doctor is responsible for my health—and accept that “I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY HEALTH”. Only a single motivated person will make a difference to many people.

THE BEST DOCTOR. Thomas Edison made an astute observation, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Unfortunately (passing over a few exceptions), doctors & patients have not reached this proactive, proficient level….but are still doing damage control. It’s like neglecting car safety equipment & shortsightedly only dealing with the effects & misery of car wrecks. In fact, the problem is getting worse, we are seeing young children getting degenerative diseases that were in past times adult diseases. What we need are classes to give each person a “PhD in you”, where persons discover the details of their own unique body & how to protect that body.

SIGNALS. Parents use various means to communicate with their children: for instance, their voices & cells phones. Likewise your body uses hormones to communicate with cells, for instance T3 thyroid hormone & insulin. But what causes the cells to become resistant to these messages? Just in the USA we have 27 million people with thyroid conditions, it is the no. 1 endocrine disorder!! The list of negative side effects from the cells not getting the T3 messages is long—perhaps the length of one of my posts! It includes hot flashes, brain fog, tiredness & intolerance of the cold.

So what causes the cells to become resistant to the messages sent via hormones? The resistance is caused by the hormones not being able to attach to the receptors on the outside of the cells. Hormone receptors are molecules that have the job of binding to a specific hormone. They lay on the outside of the cell membrane where the cells’ true intelligence lays. Two types are G-protein-coupled receptors & enzyme-coupled receptors. The receptors are on the cell membranes of life, which are always (across the board w/ minor exceptions) made by two layers of lipid molecules (3.3 nm thick in total) called a lipid bilayer. Since the ‘50’s electron microscopes & Transmission Electron Microscopes TEMs have given us pics of that two-ring lipid wall. A sperm uses fusion to travel across an egg’s cell wall. There are other methods of permeability, such as budding of the vesicles. But the hormones are not trying to travel thru, they are trying to attach to their receptors to give their messages. But for many of us, the receptors are clogged & not allowing the hormone to attach to give its message. An example of this is insulin resistance. It is not a matter of having more insulin, we need to deal with the problem of getting the receptors to work on the cellular level. What passes thru the cell lipid bilayer is also important. Most of the answers of the Medical System are not directed towards the cellular level, but work on the symptoms rather than the root of the problem. True health comes from reversing the root problem.

POOR INFO. An example of poor medical info that is liberally handed out is LDL, which is called a bad cholesterol. LDL is a healthy part of the body’s proper functioning until it gets oxidized. Oxydized LDL causes problems. So the real problem is not LDL but that it is getting oxidized. This is just one of countless misconceptions that we are bombarded with by the greedy medical system. It may seem harsh to call the system “greedy”, but decisions are often made by the medical system based on money. I won’t subject you to various horror stories.

CONCEPTS & SOLUTIONS. As each reader has a unique body—your body chemistry & genetics is unique, you need to tailor your solutions to your specific situation. So I am not providing medical advice with this post, only describing the general mechanisms at work in our bodies, which we need to know about. We need to bear in mind that Autoimmune diseases & Inflammation are connected. They all derived from what is going on at the cellular level. These diseases have different names and different symptoms, but are often caused at the cellular level by the same thing. Today, the medical profession gives lots of tests, but to detect the cellular root problems, they don’t give the right tests. Their hormone tests are often of no value. We need to determine cellular inflammation, and this can be done using a C Reactive Protein test (aka hs-CRP test) which is a simple test that uses laser nephelometry with a drop of blood. It reveals cell inflammation which gives us a warning about cellular inflammation, heart diseases, type-2 diabetes & other things. The toxins in our environment– incl. PCBs, dioxins, fluoride, chlorine, mercury & heavy metals– are damaging our hormone process. Lead is found in all kinds of things, & my experience is that most people don’t care! And by the way, the killer whales are disappearing in the ocean due to the toxins in the fish they are eating! (I got that tip by way of someone who studies such things.) Our wheat & corn are being contaminated by genetic modification. Harvested fish in the stores now carry toxins—according to Dr. Werner Marksfield, who specializes in nutrition & detox, there are only a few clean fish left like mahi-mahi (aka by other names like dorado) which are still relatively clean.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This message was written to stimulate hope, and to generate an attitude of personal responsibility. The answers to our health problems are there if we maintain hope and take responsibility for our own health rather than relying on a mercenary medical system controlled by the elite & their corporations which operate on goals of profit & population control. We need to understand what is happening on the cellular level with our health. Talley-ho my friend! May God help you find the answers you need, and grant you the grace and courage to move forward!


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