As I was the one selected by Mr. Van Duyn to announce his out coming, and I continue to introduce him to the world, it is appropriate for me to share Wikipedia’s new article (posted May 25th, 2014). Mr. William Van Duyn’s status as head of the Illuminati & some of his biography are now on Wikipedia. I will quote the entire thing:

“William Cornelis Van Duyn (20 May 1963), known as William is a Belgian Philanthropist [1] and since 2009 he is the head of the Illuminati [2].

“Personal Life
“Van Duyn was born in 1963 in Brussels [3]. He is the first of two children born to Gerret Cornelis Van Duyn [4] and Renate Oppenheimer-Schmidt[5]. He has a younger sister married to a Dutch Business man. She lives with her husband and the two children in London. Van Duyn attended the Jesuit college in Brussels. He graduate at the College Saint Michel [6]. After the mandatory Military service in Belgium, Van Duyn earned 1987 a barchelor’s degree in politology and in 1989 a MBA in economic at the university of the city of Cologne (Germany)

“Van Duyn began his career in 1990 as a financial consultant at the DeBeLux ( German-Belgian-Luxemburg Chamber of commerce in Brussels) before joining the United Nations in 1993. In 1994 he attended for the first time the Bilderberg Meeting in Helsinki (Finnland). David Rockefeller and later Viscount Etienne Davignon mentored the young Van Duyn for his personal development.”
Some of you have taken the opportunity to communicate with him, and in spite of his busy schedule, I see that he is spending time communicating. This is a bigger thing for him than for us. Imagine being in his shoes and deciding to go public!


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