“WHO OWNS THE FUTURE?” This post is revealing how the Illuminati make policy and what their new policy looks like. Jaron Lanier wrote a book “Who Owns The Future” (Simon & Schuster, 2013), & although I’ve only half read it, the book depicts the new thinking of the Illuminati since a meeting of the kings of the 3 inner Illuminati families in 2009 at the high society watering hole of Gstaad, Switz. (I’ve mentioned before about there being 3 top inner circle families, & that recently they have reduced their top bloodlines down from 13 to 7.) All this relates to Obama’s public announcement (yest.) to end the NSA’s systematic collection of data about Americans, & his instructions for them to come up w/ a plan by Fri. March 28. (More on this later.) Tomorrow (Mar. 26), Obama is in Europe at the EU-US Summit, where he can get more instructions, as well as socially visit with the elite in Antwerp, Belg.

Gstaad, Switz. in Bern Canton, is quite the place for an elite meeting. The Gstaad Palace allows a party to privatize the entire palace (hotel) for 50,000 Euros/day (or $63,500 back when they met in 2009). A Penthouse suite for a weekend is around 9,700 Euros. It’s a great place to hold a private mtg. Local residents incl. Illum. philanthropist George Soros, Julie Andrews, Eliz. Taylor, & Prince Rainer. Typical of Gstaad’s visitors are: Madonna, Prince Charles, & William F. Buckley, Jr. The three Illuminati family kings that met were: Baron Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Sr., and William Van Duyn. (I will post pics of them on the thread.) These men are known for their philanthropy. Rothschild & Rockefeller are known as bankers. David became his bloodline’s patriarch in ‘04. You may recall he has publicly called for massive population reduction. Jacob runs Waddeson Manor which was visited by Reagan & Clinton (See the Manor pic in my Bloodlines of the Illum. book page prior to the Epilogue). Jacob has had investments in Russia & India, & has been connected to IDT Corp….note Sarah Palin (prog. multiple) hired IDT exec. Michael Glassner as her chief of staff. Anyway, what is significant about this meeting is that they turned control over to the next generation, and how this relates is that none of these kings understood the “digital revolution”—such things as the power of the Internet, and the value of info. But the new leadership does. And while I can’t get into their present leader’s head, from what I know of things, it matches very closely the thinking in the book WHO OWNS THE FUTURE. Perhaps the elite even promoted the book’s publication. So what does this book say??

The book says that the digital revolution has changed how the world must be run. It states that the Intelligence agencies (like the NSA) threaten to destroy the world. It says that info is money & will increasingly be so. Further, computers can be used by scoundrels to hide bad money. On page 208 is a section entitled “Emphasing the Middle Class Is in the Interests of Everyone”. When the head of the Illum. met Obama face to face and told him to help the middle class, Obama made announcements to that effect the next day. When told to stop the NSA’s out-of-control spying, yest. he turned right around & started steps to take away the NSA electronic monitoring of everything. My question is: Can you tell me what makes listening to your conversations on the phone & Internet worthwhile?? Sorry, but most of these conversations would bore me to tears. Snowden’s revelations were orchestrated from on high, & they have led to public leverage to drastically scale down the NSA’s spying at times called the 215 program named after Section 215 of the Patriot Act. Yesterday, Pres. Carter said he liked what Obama was doing because the NSA spies on him too. Well his conversations might be more interesting than the average.

ESTABLISHING AUTHORITY. Policies go thru 3 steps: conception, decision, & implementation. Since 1991, I have been providing people with the “Basic U.S. Policy Process”. This chart was shown in my Prophecy Club talk (which had an accompanying book w/ copies of all the talk’s charts). (I will see if I can post a copy on the thread.) I broke down how Research/Policy Planning groups like the Rand Corp., the Stanford Res. Inst., and the Hudson Inst. along with Universities & think tanks will research issues in depth. Then policy planning groups like the CFR, Brookings Inst., The Business Roundtable weigh in on the issues. Finally the decision makers will make the final decision. Anyway, what I have labelled “Basic U.S. Policy Process” could be applied to all the major nations run by the Illuminati. They replicate the same patterns of groups, & if you follow my writings, then you see me refer to their foreign equivalents. Does all this study, planning and decision making consistently work?? No. An example is the elite’s corp. Shell which had an oil storage buoy on ocean territory under the British govt. & wanted to destroy it. The typical studies were put into place, done by both Shell’s experts, and the Brit. Marine Science of Fisheries Research Service to determine what was the best environmental option. Then the British govt. formally gave legal permission to Shell to destroy it. But before the implementation, Greenpeace occupied the buoy. A consumer boycott hit Shell so hard their stock shares were dropping in value. Shell decided it was better to decommission rather than sink the buoy.

PROBLEMS WORLDWIDE. I probably don’t have to convince you that the world has problems, plus we live in an interconnected world that can easily learn about someone else’s problems…Moldova has systematic widespread torture. Large parts of Africa are short on good drinking water. In Egypt, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Somalia, Djibouti & Mali almost 100% of the women have their clits mutilated so they can’t enjoy sex…in Mali this is done to 50% of the girls before age 5. In China & Russia, critics of the govt. face torture & prison. In the 4 BRIC nations, they have high levels of sex trafficking of women & children. In Brazil, pretrial detention ctrs., torture is standard, & police are brutal to poor communities. Hey, we had 150 people in police custody TASERED to death here in the good USA from ’01-‘06. And people are fed up w/ the Feds. People are tired of virtual truth (elaborate lies). Many CIA & State Dept. people have quit because they got sick of the lies. The quality of decisions & the info released by decision makers are important for those leaders to est. genuine authority. It appears to me, that the new generation of Illum. leaders appears to grasp that the truth has power in the information age, & that falsehoods—distorted info hidden behind walls of privilege & secrecy create dynamics that can bring a power structure down. And this has been my report on how policy happens in the World Order.


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