WHEN THE WORLD FAILED TO END: A study on prophecy about the year 2000 & the last days. This post is designed to help us understand the times we live in & where things may go. In the early ‘90’s, the people I was helping to escape from the Illuminati believed the year 2000 would herald in their New World Order. They had sat in on Illuminati meetings where future plans were discussed. Concerning the end of the world coming in 2000, there were basically three sources of prophecy for me: Pagan prophecy incl. the Illuminati, what appeared to be Illum. controlled Christian prophecy, and finally, God-breathed prophecy. There was also a distinct warning from the Word that evil men & false teachers would get worse and deceive many, just as they had been deceived by Satan.(A)

GOD-BREATHED PROPHECY. God said through his prophet that He would not do anything unless He warned us through His prophets.(B) But His greatest prophet Yahshua, warned that no one would know the date, and that even Yahshua was not privy to it.(C) And the Biblical warnings about the last days are rather vague, such as an increase in lawlessness(D), pestilences (E) & wars & food shortages (F). Yet, we are still admonished to be vigilant & discern what is coming upon us,(G) even though the last days will see lots of false prophets(H) and false teachers (I). When it came to the year 2000, Hal Lindsey in his book The Late Great Planet Earth in at least one edition predicted Armageddon in 2000. Gary North, Jack Van Impe & William Cooper all saw it as a watershed year. Cooper predicted that the Giza Pyramid’s chambers would be revealed along with Satan. House of Yahweh’s Yisrayl Hawkins predicted Christ’s 2nd coming in 2000. There were many others, but one that caught my attention was Michael Drosnin who decrypted hidden messages in the Torah & wrote The Bible Code which warned that WW 3 was to start in 2000 or 2006. But the Lord had taught me a lesson in 1993 not to rely on what others claimed they were prophetically seeing, but to use whatever I was personally shown. So none of these prophecies by others influenced me except to make me aware many people had expectations for the year 2000. I did think it was possible that a Middle East war could spin us into WW 3 in 2006, as it seemed to me a likely period of war in the area.

POSSIBLY ENEMY-TAINTED PROPHECY. As the Catholic Church is one of the pillars of the NWO and was slated to survive the persecution of the Christians into the Illuminati’s New World Order, I found it significant that a number of Catholics were prophesying things about the end in 2000. The Marian Movement priest Father Gobbi repeatedly prophesied the return of Christ in 2000, as did Dory Tan, who claimed messages from “Our Blessed Mother” the Virgin Mary. There were some other minor tainted groups who also made 2000 yr. predictions, but in the ‘90’s, the Catholic predictions seemed more significant to me. Some of the others may have just been noticing which way the wind (of false prophecy) was blowing.

PAGAN PROPHECIES & ILLUMINATI PLANS. In the 1990’s, in this area, because of my research into the Illuminati, I felt I had something to contribute to the general discussion about 2000. My eye-witnesses had shared info on the Anti-Christ program, programmed multiples had Armageddon programming, and so things pointed to a culmination of Illuminati plans soon. Illuminati writings clear back to the French Revolution highlighted the year 2000 as the time for the new world order. Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet who gave 14,000 readings) is highly regarded by Illum. hierarchy members. He prophesied 1999-2000 as the time of Armageddon with Christ returning to initiate a “New Age of Peace”; cosmic storms, 1,000 m.p.h. winds, & big temperature swings would kill millions. Nostradamus said that on July 1999 “a great king of terror from the skies” would arrive. Some were seeing that as a missile attack. Returning to Cayce, his predictions about the new world order are quite interesting: “A new order of conditions is to arise, there must be a purging in high places as well as low…”. He said that mankind needs to understand why they need political & economic changes. (Hints of an externalization of the hierarchy?) And then he mentions that the future will bring discoveries about man’s origin. (A hint about “aliens” telling us how they created & nurtured humanity?)

At least 2 UFO sects made predictions about 2000. From astrologers, we were warned that May 5, 2000 would bring an alignment of 6 planets that would upset the world’s axis. Astrologers also warned about the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn in front of Taurus on May 31, 2000 which would be a sign of a supernatural event like Christ’s birth. Knowing that the Illuminati are conversant in both astrology and the world’s religious myths, it was significant that Hinduism predicted an avatar of Krishna coming in 2003, to be proceeded by 3-4 years of disaster. The psychic Criswell dated the end Aug. 18, 1999.

Most portentous were my various eye-witnesses from Illuminati meetings who were convinced about the significance of the year 2000. But they also gave me a crucial key to deactivate my belief in 2000,…that key was this…they detailed events that were to lead up to 2000 and when those did not occur, I concluded somewhere around 1995 that 2000 was to be a normal year. When the Y2K scare began, my approach was to talk in terms of perhaps a spectrum of 10 different possible scenarios, any of which might happen, rather than to predict a collapse as others were doing. Prior to 2000, several Christians in Calgary, Canada were convinced they had decoded scripture chronology and that 2000 was the date. They married that to the hype about Y2K; and then had me as a major speaker at a prophecy conference. I resisted the suggestion that I emphasize the upcoming Y2K as I highly suspected it would be a major fizzle, and also rejected their elaborate chronological proofs, to simply continue doing what I had done before…which was to expose the way the Illuminati have set up their World System of systems. In that regards, I made the right call.

The FBI did a classified study on the upcoming year 2000 (Project Megiddo) which they secretly sent out to law enforcement warning them about God-fearing Christian Americans. They said Christians should be viewed as “domestic terrorist suspects” due to their belief in Armageddon. I quote part of the FBI warning to law enforcement: “…the potential for extremist criminal activity…by individuals or domestic groups who attach significance to the year 2000.” Well, I suspected their “sensitive intelligence” would backfire on them like those on the other side of things making their 2000 predictions.

LOOKING GLASS FAIRY TALE VISIONS. There seem to be no end to visions & prophecies, anyone can have one. The Illuminati front organization, the WT Society (who calls themselves the Mother of God, & the Faithful & Wise Servant) still pushes their warning that Armageddon is right around the corner. Interestingly, one JW recently admitted that he’d never heard of the AntiChrist in all his years as a JW. The level of understanding that the WT Society gives to their minions is very simplistic. In terms of end time events, they can be some of the least informed about real current events.

For me, current events & trends in technology give clues. For example, computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now humanlike. Stephen Hawkings said that in order for mankind not to become controlled by AI, humans will need to be genetically engineered. Your elite have been raising special breeds of horses, dogs, and cattle, etc. for many centuries. They believe in good breeding. (They also detest bad breeding!…Supreme Ct. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in Buck v. Bell (1925) gave the majority Sup. Ct. ruling, “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.” The Amer. Supr. Ct. ruled in favor of sterilization & eugenics!) It is therefore impossible for me not to believe that humans are being upgraded by genetic modification by the elite. In fact, reports support that. That being the case, where does that leave us non-modified normal Homo Sapiens? Are we last century’s model, fit for a museum but in general needing to be junked by the controllers? In that case, it is not just the Christians that will be targeted for destruction, but the majority of us outdated models. Of course a few good specimens will be preserved for some continuity into the upcoming Brave New World.

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