A post on injustice—while we lack the ability to prevent it, we still can protest it. In REV 6:10 there was a cry to God for justice. We want the World to make sense, we want it to be just; it just isn’t. (cf. ECCL. 8:11 for example). The Psalmist protests about the World’s injustice, “How long will ye judge unjustly & accept the persons of the wicked?”

Today the wicked are accepted & made into heroes. Pedophiles are given the highest govt. offices. I like what Confucius said, “To be wealthy & honored in an unjust society is a disgrace.” So Wall St.’s money barons’ crimes go unpunished. The crimes of prosecutors repeatedly go unpunished…they illegally cover up exculpatory evidence so that innocent persons go to prison for decades or their entire life. Mine openly lied in court to the jury & the court reporter’s transcript doesn’t show it. So I am no stranger to injustice, but repeatedly know it first-hand. One Fed. prison, which I was in, put inmates on a punishment battalion if they tried to use the courts to help their cases. (Wouldn’t want an innocent man to get free!) This same prison illegally held my appeal to the Supr. Ct. after I dropped it in their legal mail box until it was past the submission deadline. Judges across the board in the U.S. are blackmailed by the Illuminati. And the elections for judges are being tainted…State Supr. Ct. candidates are getting large sums of money (at times millions) in their campaign accounts, as well as other gifts. Judges in some places are not taking their oaths on the Constitution but still serving. After the obvious “low politics” of the Bush v. Gore (2000) & the Citizens United v. Fed. Election Commission (argued in ’09, ’10, & ’12), quite a few observers became cynical of the Supr. Ct. So it is not exactly a surprise that the Supr. Ct. allowed Obama’s abominable health care, even though within minutes of it becoming signed into law, 4 major challenges to its Constitutionality had been filed.

MIGHT IS NOT RIGHT—RIGHT IS RIGHT! And woe to those calling evil “good” & good “evil”. True patriots hate injustice; pseudo-patriots say, “My country right or wrong.” The mass media labeled me “anti-govt”, the correct label is “anti-corruption”. The mass media called PA’s Sen. Santorum a “homophobic bigot” for saying the following truth: “If the Supr. Ct. says that you have the right to consensual [gay] sex w/in your home, then you have the right to…incest…You have the right to anything. All those things are antithetical to a healthy, stable, trad. family.” yeah! They are intentionally destroying family life. The Bill of Rights states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an est. of religion” (in other words, no national church). Instead the Supr. Ct. has abolished our right to the free exercise of your religion in public. (Wouldn’t want to offend anyone unless he or she is a Christian.) Rel. freedom is bye bye…so much for our inalienable rights. I like what Reagan said, “The Constitution was never meant to prevent people from praying; its declared purpose was to protect their freedom to pray.” Ye-a-h!

The 2nd Amendment was ratified w/ the rest of the Bill of Rights as law in 1791. It was part of what made America America. But the fed. capital, Wash. D.C., in the ‘70’s effectively banned guns. If you had one “grandfathered” in, you could keep it disassembled & non-functioning. Likewise your handgun could not be moved from one room to another in your own home w/out a permit,…and those special permits were not available. Supposedly while you were being gang-raped, beat-up, robbed & killed you could rely on 911 to protect you. Meanwhile govt. officials were well protected by armies of gun-totting guards, yet the same guards who carried weapons to protect govt. officials were denied the right to protect their families. One such Fed. guard saw the hypocrisy, & was part of the Supr. Ct. case to overthrow D.C.’s gun ban. What spoke loud & clear, was that D.C.’s violent crime rate skyrocketed after they took the guns away from the common person. Hey, reminds me of a popular bumper sticker. “When guns are outlawed…” What gets my attention is that the Supr. Ct. takes an oath to protect/uphold the Const., not dismantle it according to their own views, it is not a flexible living document to change… but the supreme law of the USA to uphold…only 5 judges can control the lives of 300 million. People are doing the same w/ both the Word of God & the Constitution, coming up w/ their own flawed opinions of what they want it to say, instead of using it as a foundation. With fluid foundations, our liberty is history.

Positive responses? Here is a sampling: A movie was made about judicial corruption in Mexico—a Mex. judge banned the movie in 2011. For years the Aid & Abet periodical tried to warn law enforcement about the new world order & its agenda of tyranny/genocide. Brain fingerprinting has been legally admissible in U.S. courts for years. How it works is this: when a person is shown an image, a familiar image will trigger electrical brain responses between 300 & 800 millisecs (a p300 wave) after the stimulus. The brain responds & stores new info/images in a different way than familiar info. An innocent person can use brain fingerprinting to prove he wasn’t at a place or never saw a person, etc. DNA has also exonerated many death row inmates before they were executed. Most of Europe has gotten rid of the death penalty…and as sloppy as our “justice” system functions, you can be guaranteed we are executing innocent people. Won’t these executioners be surprised when they learn at judgment that they are the murderers, not the person they executed! There is a final accounting, a final justice, even though the Word of God acknowledges that God is patient & longsuffering. (1 PTR 3:20 & others) But God is not mocked…

FINAL THOUGHTS. The World gave Christ a bogus unjust trial, yet God used something bad for good, & took that injustice & used it for His justice to pay the price we all owe before the Supreme Judge. It should humble us to realize that w/out our penalty being paid, we are no better before the Supr. Judge than any criminal. One last thing, I am providing a link to info on a book a mother wrote about how a Satanic coven tortured & sacrificed her Christian 19 yr. old daughter Sunshine, & how law enforcement & the courts were too tainted to give justice….her dau. was asked to renounce her faith in Christ; she refused & went to see her Creator.


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