When men will choose death rather than life 13 AUG 2013

When men will choose death rather than life, others will be protected by purity. There are blessings that come from being right with God…”Blessed are the pure in heart…” Believers are told, “Keep yourself pure.”(1 TIM 5:22) I think of my great-grandfather & his brother, who were against war & who at great risk smuggled themselves out of Germany & Holland to come to America. The efforts of my great-grandfather were blessed, even though he had lots of descendants, not one of them fought in any war in the 20th century. Perhaps, you know of similar stories where people were spared suffering in reward for their purity. (These kind of incidents are encouraging to those who want to do what is right.) “The wisdom from above is first pure…” JAS 3:17 What is being talked about here is a purity of spirit, mind & body.
Eccl. 1:9 teaches a principle that there is nothing new under the sun. We rotate through prophetic patterns, so the truths of prophecy can be applied to more than one generation. The prophet Jeremiah foretells the day when men will choose death rather than life. This post covers a similar prophetic word in REV 9. I am not attempting to apply Rev. 9 to any point in time, only to say that its message has application for our lives.
A time when men prefer death to life is described in Bible prophecy (the 5th trumpet) in Revelations chapt. 9, which is very similar to the prophecy of Joel chapt. 1. What chapter 9’s prophetic language tells us is that Satan & his demons, released from a shaft or tunnel from an underground compartment of hell & restricted by God, are turned loose on humanity to cause them to suffer judgment & turn to God in repentance. Their grand entrance is accompanied by clouds of smoke like a nuke mushroom or volcano, perhaps symbolizing the coming of a cleansing smelting fire. Interestingly, in this prophecy the pure of God are spared these torments. (v.4) These torments are so horrendous, that people want to die but can’t. Their hearts could change for the good but don’t, & they continue to do their drugs (translated “sorceries”, but meaning what we call drugs), their thefts, their sexual immoralities, and murders.
Satan in his hate of humanity does not care that he is tormenting those who don’t serve God. (This is in line w/ 1PTR 5:8 which says he’ll devour anyone he can find, as well as MK 9:17-27 showing him trying to destroy mankind in general.) God allows Satan his torment of judgment for 5 months… same amount of time as the rising flood waters of judgment in Noah’s day. It is also the lifetime of a swarm of locust, but locust don’t have a king (PRV 30:27) nor many of the other things that these locust-like demons have. Wave after wave of these demons, like a swarm of locust, descend upon unregenerate, impure mankind. (They fly like locust, run like horses, & sting like scorpions & have bi-sexual traits.) Their king, obviously Satan, is known in Heb. as Abaddon and in Greek as Apollyon, which means destroyer. (Reminds me of a gift an Illuminati grand master gave his dau., which was a horse statue named Apollyon.) The destroyer comes to rob, kill & destroy. The prophecy has already mentioned “inhabitors of the earth”, that class of people who mind earthly things. We are told in the Word that demonic spirits can control their minds & actions, & in this case they bring torturous torment. The next trumpet brings death to 1/3 of humanity, eventually ½ end up dead.
How will this prophecy play out in our days?? I have no specific idea, although I know in general that the PTSNB would like to create these Armageddon scenarios for us,… although the real fulfillment of this prophecy will not be enjoyable for them!! The truths of the prophecy could also apply to various scenarios. For instance, let’s say you kept yourself healthy & sexually pure while all those around you died horrible deaths from AIDs. There may be other horrific torments to our bodies & minds which can be prevented by rejecting the death-dealing, nutritionless, disease-promoting fake food of the World. In the past, those with proper nutrition have survived epidemics that wiped out large %s of the population. My goal is to remind us that the Angel of Death can pass over us, & in the prophetic word of REV 9 the fallen angels pass over the pure. May you be blessed my friend, & may we all be delivered from evil.


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