When Do We Say “Stop!”?? 4 JUN 2013

When Do We Say “Stop!”??

America sat on the sidelines & watched the Third Reich take power, and did nothing. But now that same thing is here; we are already suffering from an overdose of control, call us Germany 1938 if you please. The process Hitler used has been copied & done. Our masters know how to use words to manipulate, so this post is calling us to look beyond their words to reality. (And I know that many of you are hyperaware of what is going on, you realize the “news” is gossip & propaganda, & you are tired of the tyranny. I may be “preaching to the choir”.)

The misuse of words, …for instance, Freemasonry loves the word “equality”, & it was used a lot in the revolutions they created. Sounds good; but think it through. If there is an inequality of opportunity in education then force busing of kids. If there is an inequality of employees, say too many men at Sears are selling lawn mowers & shop tools, then enforce hiring quotas. And what then is needed to enforce equality? A strong govt. ! So the word “equality” means in reality having tyranny!

Hitler was on the same page as Machiavelli. He also built upon Hegel, Darwin, Plato & Nietzsche. He (like so many others) promised his people “a New World Order”. The masonic/occult promise of a Golden Age, has come from many different movements spawned by the Illuminati hierarchy. You see it in such diverse groups as Communists & J.W.s. It sounds good to the masses so use it. Hitler claimed his Third Reich was a “true democracy”, “true socialism”, and the “protector of Christianity”. He alternated between picturing himself as the friend of Christians or the persecutor of Christians, depending on what position at the moment helped him the most. It was pure Machiavelli. Our masters do the same. It a game of “let’s pretend.” The masses are flattered by what they hear. And if you want to pretend evil is not organized, it makes it easier to believe the lies. Hitler said “The test of greatness as applied to a political leader is the success of his plans.” (Mein Kampf, chapt.8., different pgs. in diff. edit.) All is fair in love & war. Might makes right. Success makes something morally right. If lies succeed, then use them!

Socialism has promised a secular millennialism (man creating heaven w/out God). Lenin taught, “The proletariat need state power, the centralized organization of force, the organization of violence, for the purpose of crushing the resistance of the exploiters.” (The State of Revolution, II, Sect. 1, 288) (Exploiters is a derogatory term for employers.) Let me tell you that economic planning=control, i.e. planning for slavery; socialism’s need for a common consciousness=govt. control of education; central planning will demand an efficient form of govt. to apply it, i.e. a dictatorship. Socialism seems good when the govt. is employing lots of people, but let’s get real, who can consciously balance all the factors & considerations involved in a decision for our complex world? That is why the USSR’s centralized planning was a disaster! Liberty may be messy, so then perhaps people don’t really want liberty but would rather be part of a flock of timid sheep with the govt. as shepherd. And they can have the govt. solve all their problems. Car fatalities? Easy solution for a dictator…outlaw cars. And I have heard people actually respond to some of our senseless draconian new laws by saying, “If it saves one person it is worth it.”

Any William Wallaces out there?? Calling all William Wallaces & Patrick Henrys. Really, people when do we say “STOP!” ? They’ve wasted our money. They have destroyed the economy of many U.S. cities. They have manipulated the news & info we get. They have dumbed our children down. They have persecuted or killed those Americans not deceived. They’ve stolen our Constitution Rights. They’ve endangered not only our troops but all of us with reckless policies around the world, insuring that the world now fears the USA more than any other nation. They’ve legally pledged the U.S. govt. to population control (genocide); they’ve allowed toxins into our soil, food & water; they’ve spread toxins in our air. They’ve violated our human rights; they’ve sexually molested millions of our children & subjected them to trauma-based mind control. They’ve allowed GMOs that threaten us. They’ve murdered innocent Americans & covered it up. So when do we say, “Stop!”???


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