WHEN CASH & PRAYERS FAIL: Life-giving Answers for Now & After the Soon-to-Come Life-&-Death Shocks for when the No-Longer-Almighty Dollar crashes. Our money says, “In God We Trust”; this will soon be tested. But at least you will not be surprised. There will be people who feel abandoned by govt. & God; and even worse than our dollars losing value, will be Christians losing faith. And make no mistake, the dollar’s value will nose-dive! This message has been on my mind, yet I waited ‘til I was inspired…now here it comes to discuss H.R. 2847, the Fed & Capital Controls, feelings of abandonment & hopelessness when nothing works or makes sense, & Bible prophecy at ISA 25:2,3 & ISA 26:3.

H.R. 2847 & OTHER GOVT ACTS OF SABOTAGE. If the dollar wasn’t already in a crisis, our lawmakers have added to its woes. But first, let’s take note that the dollar is ALREADY slipping from being the world’s reserve currency. For instance, BRIC countries have found alternatives to using the dollar. And many ATMs in China that used to take dollar-based plastic cards have quit. The IMF (Illum. run) is planning for the dollar crash, along w/ many nations around the world. Yet, our lawmakers still insist on passing the harshest anti-business laws of anywhere, incl. having the worst corp. tax rate in the world. Rather than give businesses a break, they simply smile as the Fed prints $85 billion/month in FRN funny money. (Not so funny really.) Even U.S. corp. like McDonalds are abandoning the dollar; they are offering bonds in Chinese currency. Soon (July 1, ’14) HR 2847 goes into effect w/ its FACTA provision which penalizes every bank worldwide that deals with U.S. dollars!! (With friends like our lawmakers, who needs enemies!!) Banks worldwide will be forced to track & tax clients who deal with U.S. dollars…long story short, many banks will simply say, to hell with this big burden, and quit dealing with dollar customers! This will speed up the process of removing the dollar from being the world’s reserve currency. Once removed, our govt. will no longer be able to irresponsibly print money w/out instant run away hyperinflation, & no one will loan us money to pay the incredible interest on our runaway debt. In other words, the dollar crashes like a shot up, bomb-filled, wingless bomber.

CAPITAL CONTROLS. The Fed Reserve is talking about using capital controls to prevent rapid movement of dollars overseas. To give the reader an idea of the kinds of capital controls being implemented in other countries, here are some examples: In the Ukraine, due to the recent crisis, people must wait 6 working days to exchange their money into foreign currency, and they are not allowed to exchange more than US$ 5,800 w/in a given time period. In Cyprus, some accounts forbid withdrawals/or checks over 300 Euros a day. (I would have a hard time w/ bills & purchases w/ that law.) In Iceland, foreign investors can’t sell their assets valued at US$ 7.2 billion. The fact the Feds are considering capital controls is another clue of many that the dollar crash is coming soon.

PROTECTING YR. ASSETS: failing to plan is planning to fail. Before HR 2847 & Capital controls are implemented, you still have some good options to protect yr. assets. But if you wait long enough, you will see banks close, perhaps a tax on yr. assets & savings, state & fed. offices closing, and food staples like bread & milk getting expensive. Food stamps will not be renewed. Problems will arise in distribution of goods. You need to begin getting your assets & money beyond the reach of the US govt. Silver is a good investment. Some may want plastic surgery (as in cutting up their credit cards). Rather than have this post attempt to replace a good investor’s advice, I suggest that you seek one (who knows what’s coming) out for advice.

PROTECTING YR. FAITH & TRUST. Our plans of action may well be insufficient in this crisis. In a previous post, it discussed how pain creates the sensation of abandonment. There are Bible verses that describe God’s well-known love & provision for the needy, but there are even more which show He has more concern to save your soul from evil & evildoers (JER 20:13, & LK 16), to the point that He leaves you poor. Consider this…this crisis may be part of God’s plan. We just may have to suffer! And during our pain & suffering, we can draw closer to God, or pull away. We are told to rejoice in the Lord always. (PHL 4:4) Some people will become so distracted by what they’ve lost & don’t have, they’ll forget to enjoy what they still have! O.K. so you turn to God, and skillfully pray w/out doubting (JAS 1:6), w/ persistence (LK 18:1), in & w/ truth (PS 139:1-2), claiming your miracle (MK 9:23), plus ending it all up with the beautiful name of Jesus (JN 14:13-14)…and for all your high skilled devotion to prayer YOU still DON’T receive any help!*! Heaven is on mute!#!# Help! You start getting frustrated & start doubting. If you want to be godly, accept the silence, and “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage…” PS 27:14. Realize that God is trusting you with a tough situation. Yes it takes energy to still have hope. For some, they will start asking, Why God? Why God?? And when suffering seems to have no meaning, they despair, which only makes things worse.

“THOU WILT KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE, WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE: BECAUSE HE TRUSTETH IN THEE.” ISA 26:3 The context of this verse is a prophetic song which is the tale of two cities…the World’s great capital city Tohu (“Confusion”) & God’s Zion.

The World’s great capital is described in ISA 25, where it is prophesied that they will in the end times try to swim away from their self-suffocating manure, but no matter how skilled they are, they end up drowning in it.(ISA 25:10b-11) God destroys the masks that the World puts on itself (25:7). This makes me think of how it is standard for the World to put on masks. For instance, Mark Richards, Dep. Asst. Attorney General of the Criminal Division at the Dept. of Justice HQ in Wash. D.C. He protected some of history’s worst criminals like Mykola Lebed, all the time for years pretending to hunt for criminals. He finally got exposed after John Loftus’ security classification ran out allowing him to expose the corruption of the U.S. Justice Dept. Masks & more masks, wolves in sheep’s clothing! (My friend Kris Milligan, in a recent fb pic w/ me, wrote the forward to Loftus’ book “America’s Nazi Secret…”) The ungodly city in Isaiah’s song gets overthrown. The way the song is vague time wise, & is devoid of specific distresses, it shows it is a truth with many applications through time.

ISA 26 switches to the community of faith in the final age. (cf. 26:7-21) While translators have struggled with ISA 26:3, the KJV captures the meaning of an old translation: “those whose mind depends on you, you preserve, YHWH, in salvation…” Let us keep our perspective & realize life is still worth living. Try not to let bills kill your joy, after all Mastercard is not staying up all night worrying about you. Adversity is a great teacher. Yet, who can explain everything, Yahshua’s brother James, a devout man of prayer, is martyred…Peter gets angels who release him from a Roman prison. Continue to pray brothers & sister like Hezekiah, “Give ear, O Lord, & hear, open your eyes…” 2 KGS 9:14. Just consider that these hard times are judgments, and our trials may be part of His plans. Even if heaven doesn’t rain silver dollars & is silent, just don’t stop trusting & loving your heavenly Father.

NOTE: Due to personal business, this will likely be my last fb post for two weeks.


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