The subject of the Abominable Snowman (aka known as Bigfoot, Yeti, Omah, and hundreds of other names worldwide) is elusive & bizarre, similar to paranormal ghosts. Bigfoot legends are worldwide & go back through recorded history. It comes as no surprise that there are many Bigfoot enthusiasts who spend time researching the elusive beasts. However, what is very un-nerving & attention getting is the enormous interest & connection Bigfoot has to the covert side of the World Order. It is this connection between covert activities of the World Order & Bigfoot that is the subject of this post.

From 1961 onwards, while living in Nepal I was in personal contact w/ men that climbed Mt. Everest, for instance, Willi Unsoeld was a family friend of ours, & I listened to Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay describe their ’53 climb to the top of the world. I even got to go on the trail that leads there. About 2 yrs. after it was published in 1960, I owned the book “Tin Tin in Tibet”; the book had the main character Tin Tin go into the Himalayan Mtns. to find a friend, during which the migou (yetis) repeatedly play a role in the story. The Dalai Lama was very impressed w/ the book & awarded it. I believe it was the first book I’d read on yetis. I followed up that fiction w/ a detailed 550+pg. book by a biologist Ivan T. Sanderson “Abominable Snowman: Legend Come to Life” (Chilton: NY, 1961). The thinking, research & structure of the book are how a biologist would approach researching an animal. He details the different species. (The book is now public domain on the net.) The book came across exceptionally credible to a boy in elementary school.

The subject fascinated me until something happened which spiked interest in many others, yet quenched my interest…this was the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film taken by two men at Bluff Creek, CA of a female bigfoot running away from them. In the late 60’s, the movie theaters across America showed the Patterson-Gimlin footage, and I watched at my local theater of course. Argosy & perhaps other magazines printed frames from the film, which I bought of course. Film experts declared the film legit, & impossible to fake. Imagine, all across America people are seeing this film & talking about Bigfoot. I was intently curious what the reaction would be. America had already been working on SETI projects (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) for about a decade, and in 1971, NASA spent $10 billion dollars on the Cyclops SETI project. The film’s sighting was an important find—more evidence to support all the legends, hair, tracks, & sightings that had been going on for years. I was sure the govt. would throw at least a little money at Yeti research considering how much they gave to something w/ remoter chances as SETI. There should be lots of interest in bigfoot to discover what was perhaps the biggest find of all—perhaps part of the story of mankind’s genetic history. There was zero interest by the U.S. govt. & almost zero interest by academia. And I realized that for whatever reason, this was a subject that people with power & money did not want researched. It was a non-topic that was not going to go anywhere. If I discovered anything, it would be suppressed. As I was in the process of refocusing my life on Christ, & realized those in power did not want the subject to go anywhere I lost interest.

So for over 40 years I have observed the subject from a distance. And the subject took a bizarre twist. If I were not a watchman exposing the World System, I would keep quiet. The British army in India in WW 2 took in 4 men (reliable witnesses) who had escaped a Russian prison who had met some Yeti in the Himalayas. Returning to biologist author Ivan Sanderson… he was British intelligence w/ MI-6, & Br. Security Coord. (the unit on 6th floor Rockefeller Ctr. where Brit. Intell. coordinated Amer. intell). And he sets the pattern for the Bigfoot researchers/members of Bigfoot groups—if you took away the spooks & retired military, there would hardly be any Bigfoot enthusiasts at these Bigfoot meetings. So what is so important about Bigfoot that the Intelligence agencies feel a need to control information about it??? One of the things that these spooks do is discourage people from making any connection between UFO’s & Bigfoot…they call those who do “conspiracy theorists”. That connection is exactly what Loren Coleman made in a book in ’75, and later Stan Gordon (MUFON dir. PA) did in his book “Silent Invasion: The Penn. UFO-Bigfoot Casebook”. Gordon feels these UFO Bigfoots are Nephilim. I have only been observing things from a distance…sincere researchers are finding Bigfoots where underground bases are present. In some encounters the Bigfoot is not even flesh & blood, but has glowing eyes & dematerializes. Reports from witnesses describe thoughts coming into their heads (incl. singing) when they get close to Bigfoot—sounds to me like high tech mind control. There seems to be a pattern that when people start to get a handle on what is going on, an event occurs that is deviant from what people have figured out, and the “waters get muddied”.

Insiders have told me that such creatures work w/ the World Order, but I have been told many things over the years…much of it bogus. The Illuminati card game (whose creator was obviously well informed) has the Bigfoot under Illuminati control. People in the field looking for them have found the men in black connected with keeping people away from the Bigfoot. One could speculate & ask many questions. Some folks have already drawn conclusions on speculation & circumstantial evidence. One could draw up a list of theories that are possible. I won’t here. I am going to draw one solid conclusion, whatever is involved with Bigfoot, it is something of big importance to the World Order because their intelligence agencies are playing the major role in how & what info Bigfoot enthusiasts & the general public learn about the subject.


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