What’s on Your Heart? 14 MAY 2013

What’s on Your Heart?

The Word says that wisdom is better than weapons! I have no weapons of destruction to give you, but such as I have I give to you. May God’s Spirit of wisdom be with you as you experience this post and go about your day. May you receive wisdom to avoid the death traps in life.

In prison, a man who had been isolated in solitary for 8 years befriended me. Contrary to one’s expectations, it hadn’t broken him but had given him a deep appreciation for silence…for in that silence, he could get in touch with his heart. Silence can shut down the noise & static of our frenzied activity which runs on autopilot, and provide us with opportunities for reflection, meditation & introspection. Silence is a chance for prayer, hope & improvement.

Do you hear the sound of your own breathing? Can you hear the melody of life starting up? What does the music of your life sound like? If you were to sing right now what would it be? For me right now, I hear in the silence, “Sing them over again to me, Wonderful words of life; Let me more of their beauty see, Wonderful words of life.”

What is our true condition?? The unexamined life is not worth living. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” PRV 23:7 Father, show us ourselves. You can see into our hearts. What is our true condition Father? Show us. Block out the noises of the world so that we can hear you plainly & not be confused. Help us overcome our own self-deceptions and self-doubts, so that our hearts are willing to act on the heavenly melody in our hearts. Yes, turn our lives into the music of love, and boldness and inspiration. Let creative energy emerge like an exploding tempo. Father, thank you for your quiet stillness…and thank you for your heavenly music…& your grace & forgiveness.

You have put a hunger in our spirits for truth & righteousness. Feed us Father…maintain our liberties, and give us strength of character that we don’t collapse in these trying times. Remove any moral cowardice we might entertain in our hearts. Give us hope in the middle of uncertainty.

How are you feeling my friend? Do you feel comfortable letting the peace of God into your heart, or are you busy draining off your energy because of something negative…we are certainly around negativity…for some, our lives have been so close to the walking dead, we may stink some ourselves. May we be washed in the pure clean water of the Spirit, and have the peace of God restored to us.

The World instills fear. Our fears can become self-fulfilling prophecy. For instance, one’s fear of water can make the water a dangerous thing. By confronting that fear, and embracing water as a something that can be played with, water becomes something that can be enjoyable to swim & exercise in. Some people play with alligators, bears, and lions. Rejection and other human created monsters may be the animals we need to embrace and play with. Ungodly fears create the outcome we want to prevent! For instance, if we devalue who we are so that people will value us, it backfires. If we cater to others so that they will not abandon us, it fails to protect us from rejection & abandonment.

Could you explain an ATM card to a 19th century pioneer? Plastic? ATM machine? Computer? What, a magnetic strip? The more you explain the more confused they would be. The whole thing gets terribly muddled as we explain it. Likewise, so often we have taken the pearls of wisdom of God, and being bewildered by spiritual mechanics, like the stupid pigs we were, we have unwittingly stomped those pearls of advice into the mud of our muddled thinking. Like the dirty ATM card, the pearl no longer functions. Christ said, “Wisdom is justified by her children.” MT 11:19. He didn’t say, “students of wisdom” but “children of wisdom”. We are children who accept from our heavenly Father the life giving wisdom He provides. We don’t understand the mechanics of heavenly ATM machines, but as children we use the tools He provides. The weapons of our warfare are spiritual. My most effective weapon against the Illuminati’s mind control was unconditional divine love. Such as I have give I thee, my friend. And thank you for the music Abba Father.


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