WHAT WE CAN BE, HAVE, MAKE, & SAY IF WE QUIT RUNNING FROM THE MONSTER. This post is about our lives in relation to our fears.

FEAR FREEZES. The beauty of my Oregon country home was surpassed by the beauty of the miles of surrounding lush temperate rain forest. I could walk the remote trails through the mighty Douglas-firs, Hemlocks, Red Alders, and ferns to mushrooms, blackberry patches, isolated beaches & fishing spots. (This is why the authorities put snipers in my woods with a helicopter above. They did not want me to slip away into the wilderness.)

One day while exploring the wilderness, I was quietly standing & soaking up the charm of nature’s elegance, when a flying doe landed her leap directly arm’s length in front of me. She had obviously missed sensing my presence, until she almost leapt into my lap. Her head turned, and her black eyes met mine, & her body instantly froze in terror. She began uncontrollably shaking in fear. Her natural instinct took over…that is, when no way of escape is obvious, then freeze. Supposedly no motion may mean no detection…a weird instinctual logic…but exactly the same one people use faced with the PTSNB’s “New” World Order.

People try to conform with the herd, be anonymous & stay under the radar. They forego using fb which is watched, and they make sure they don’t talk to people like that Fritz Springmeier, which would draw attention to themselves. (When we ignore reality, it has a way of still intruding into our lives!) They believe they can keep their noses clean by brown nosing all manner of abusive authority. They become the rabbit that freezes in the grass when danger is in the air. Christ warned us, if we try to save our lives, then we will lose them. Hmmmm.

OUR FEARS BECOME SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECIES. Afraid of losing their lives, the Palestinians have made decisions based on fear, & are losing their lives. Willpower is not sufficient in itself to guarantee success. Boldness, such as Peter walking on water, can also let us down. Our fears can prevent us from risking to do the very things we need to do. Defending ourselves in fear, we can produce the dynamics that produce the lack of love which we feared to begin with. A defensive person is someone who focuses on the past, and tries to keep things as they were. This is actually a growth inhibiting way of life. A certain rigidity is involved in defensive thinking, and the end results for this fearful person is that he protects himself more poorly than if he would live in the present and be proactive. Christ’s warning is so profound in so many ways.

We are all challenged to take risks. Taking risks is like a leap of faith. In track & field, when one long jumps, the greatest point of making a mistake is when the leap is taken. If you hold back, you fail to get the momentum needed for success. Uncertainty during the planting of the last step before the leap of faith ruins the jump. Faith is a type of abandonment into the unknown. Many prefer not to leap, but watch in the stands consoling ourselves that we are safe in inactivity. But Helen Keller said, “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature…Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” In other words, minimize your risks & you minimize your gains. If you prefer to live life incomplete & unhappy, then by all means avoid all risks. The safest place in life is an isolated maximum-security cell; one’s life can copy “Howard Hughes”’ prison-like existence.

GAMBLE? Fears motivate needless gambles. I am not asking you to gamble your family’s fortune away in Las Vegas. There is a big difference between necessary productive acts, & frivolous unneeded chance taking. You have nothing to prove to God. A position in Christ with a balanced faith will mitigate against needing to prove something by risking self-destruction needlessly. Having a calling from God gives us a strong confidence. David slew Goliath because of faith not fear.

THE WORLD THINKS FAITH IN CHRIST IS MAN-MADE. You may have recently read that Christianity is merely a man-made fear-based pie-in-the-sky delusion. Red China thought that. They closed the man-made churches (brick-&-mortar temples), killed the Christians, & thought the job was done. If you read “The Heavenly Man”, you will read the true account of how God Himself recreated a Chinese church where there were no believers. We ourselves, our hearts, are the true Temple of God. This temple is not man-made. It is not filled with people, but by the Spirit of God. The original Greek of 1 COR 4:1,2 reads, “Let a man so account of us as of the stewards of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover, it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful.” The Greek Biblical words “steward”, “dispensation”, “dispense”, which frequently appear, are actually in Greek referring to “house management”, in other words taking care of God’s Temple. The harlot church uses unspiritual, satanic, order-out-of-chaos means to manage their man-made Temples. The true Temple can be managed in line with ROM 12:10. Unless God builds the House (Temple) we labor in vain. “For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken.” PRV 3:26 That being said, God has given you life as a free moral agent. All the offerings at the ancient Temples in Jerusalem & your Temple are to be free will offerings. You have free will to make an offering of fulfilling your spiritual potential. If you crouch down in life frozen in fear, no one else can fulfill your spiritual potential for you. So get on with life; no one else can live it for you.

HUMANITY & CONFLICT. The child dreams of fleeing from the chasing monster. Adults may have monsters chasing them too. From God’s perspective there is no “they”, each person is His creation & our brother, and part of what He wants to work with, so in His solutions, there are only different sides of “us”. Christ repeatedly tried to explain this, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” There is no “they” only various sides of “us”. Let me explain how we can know each person’s basic needs. In Genesis chapter 1, and in teaching foreign languages, we see the verbs “is”, “have”, “make (create)”, and “say (call)” are basic to our existence. When I teach German, I first teach the verbs: ist, haben, machen, sagen. Genesis 1 has: bara (create), hayah (was) and qara (called). While the concept of “have” is seen in 1:20, 29, the Hebrew has no word for “have”; such a basic concept is implied by context such as w/ verse 20. Mankind desires to be famous, to be noble, TO BE. Mankind desires to have abundance & wealth, TO HAVE. And mankind desires to explore & create art, TO MAKE. And finally mankind tries to connect & touch & effect by words: TO SAY. No matter where you go on the globe, people value fairness (as they see it from their perspective), honesty, respect for life, & for people to be responsible. Differences & conflict don’t have to be destructive. Faith can build that bridge over the River of Conflict, which is empowered by fear. Remember, our court system is designed to have an adversarial system for in doing so the court can find solutions.

THE WORLD SHOCKED. God Almighty (reached through faith in his son Christ’s atonement) is thought to be a delusion. There are several prophecies about two symbolic Olive trees (ZECH 4:3-14) who are anointed cherubim—represented by the two cherubim in the Holy of Holies (EX 25:18-22 & 1 KGS 6:23-28). They appear as men on earth, and they see how bad things have devolved. They expose evil, & warn of the final judgment. They are described “of the olive tree” (REV 11:4) because they are YHWH’s last offer of an olive branch of peace to a World gone crazy with rebellion, “Fear God & keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” When they come to life after being killed, they shock the World, who thinks faith in God is a delusion. The elite Illuminati have chosen a snake devouring itself as their symbol. An appropriate symbol… the serpent eats itself. God has not chosen the elite of the World, but the base elements of humanity to show His power. Answers are going to have to come from the bottom up, because the top has denied God & His power. So common people, quit lacking faith in yourself, and live your noble identity, and be the light of the world, and create love & peace, even if it is mocked by the elite.


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