You can read the prophecies in very ancient times that a rescuer called Messiah was to come. These prophecies are recorded though out the Hebrew Scriptures (commonly miscalled the Old Testament). If you read those hundreds of prophecies you can see for yourself what the ancient manuscripts prophesied. Read chapter 42 and chapter 49 in the prophecies of Isaiah to get a glimpse in a nut shell the kind of things that were prophesied about the coming Messiah. When a man named Yahshua (now commonly known in English as Jesus) walked among us, he showed his disciples that these hundreds of prophecies of the Messiah applied to he himself.

SRA & DID. By the way, one of his primary missions was to liberate & rescue the “broken-hearted”…the wording in the original is stronger and really means those who have had their lives shattered. The best example of that is DID sufferers. So one of Messiah’s primary missions was to liberate the multiple personalities. (I strongly believe they had them back then also. And the Bible describes SRA back then.)

So what is this Jesus=God business? When Christ came, people realized he was unique. People realized that he was not showing them how God loves–he WAS God’s love. He even said that he was God’s love. He explained that he was sent so that people could see God—if you looked at him you would realize what God was. So there is no doubt that he was unique. What developed was the understanding that God had placed His own Spirit into a woman and miraculously had her give birth to a special child who had God’s Spirit within and upon him. That is what Messiah means–it literally means “anointed with God’s Spirit”. But this man was born with God’s Spirit.

HE WAS SPECIAL FROM THE BEGINNING. And evil humanity, incl. the religious leaders and political leaders rejected him. But how was he here to save us? This is an important question. (Christ explains how he will save each of us in John chapter 3.) See people in their spiritual blindness thought they needed a great general who could kick ass. The same spirit that causes America to pour trillions into a big military establishment. Be tough…be the biggest most feared nation…have the best weapons…etc. So that was what they were expecting Christ to bring them. Instead he brought love in its different forms: forgiveness, compassion, servant-hood, etc. They were spiritually blind, and failed to see the good of what he brought—the leaders only knew it was powerful …and they were not about to allow another form of power to compete with their devilish power. So you see that the teachings of love that Christ brought have been hated by the elite. Machiavelli, who wrote a book on instructions to princes (kings, dictators) on how to rule, said that in theory Christ’s teachings were good…but if they wanted real power they needed to completely forget his teachings. Interestingly, West Point had a class where they taught Machiavelli…I wondered why they were teaching future generals Machiavelli!

MY TESTIMONY. Many are surprised to hear I am a Christian. I bear testimony that the Biblical Messiah is for real. Christ said to test his words to see if they come from God. His words have proven true, and I have staked my life on them and not been disappointed.

My Trust by Fritz Springmeier
Fortune and fame are carnal things,
Their value can take leave.
All I can be rests in our Christ,
His glory I will claim.

My Heart’s Desire by Fritz Springmeier
Jesus, Jesus give me joy,
You’re the real McCoy.
Jesus, Jesus give me love,
Free room & board above.
Jesus, Jesus give me grace,
For this lonesome place.
Jesus, Jesus give me smarts,
I give you back my heart.



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