For those who are not familiar with what has been happening around the globe, this is a commentary on what has gone on in these first two weeks of 2016 and what this could mean for us. The goal is for the reader to have a better understanding of the global economic forces at work in 2016.

FALSE FRONTS DISINTEGRATE & REVEAL ROTTEN CORES. This year will reveal corporate & individual greed and the chaos that it can create. Since the new year began, the collective market worth of S&P 500’s listed companies has fallen about 1 trillion dollars. Likewise, China’s stock markets keep wanting to crash this year. On 7 Jan., their stock market free fell 7% in the first 15 minutes it was open in the morning, forcing the govt. to shut it down instantly. So China has found itself spending tens of millions of dollars they have stockpiled to keep their yuan currency from crashing.

PROPHETS OF 2016 DOOM. Lyndon LaRouche said the U.S. crash would come in the first week of January. Ron Paul puts it exactly at 19 Feb. Jeff Thomas says it will be in 2016 with a crash of the U.S. dollar, currency controls, food shortages, travel restrictions, and confiscation of wealth by the U.S. govt. Today, a financial strategist, who works for the Illuminati’s Société Générale, said that the West was about to be hit by a wave of deflation and that the central banks (also by the way staffed by Illum. members) were “unaware” of the disaster about to hit. Financial analysts at the Royal Bank of Scotland were warning people to “sell everything” before the stock market crashes. The Royal Bank of Scotland says 2016 will be a “cataclysmic year”. The Illuminati bank of J.P. Morgan Chase, the largest bank in the USA, are also warning “sell stocks on any bounce”. The U.S. army, in light of the threat of economic collapse has a Technical Manual 3-39.33 on how to restore order if riots & disturbances break out. The U.S. govt. passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in 2012 to add to their powers to keep Americans under indefinite detention without any cause.

3 ECONOMIC RED FLAGS. A. The increasing irresponsible growing debts around the world, B. the weakness & volatility of China’s economy, & C. shrinking world trade. China is the world’s largest trading partner and countries like Mexico, Angola, the Congo and India need Chinese demand for their materials. Speaking of India, they are suffering from low levels of rainfall two years in a row. Their ag production is suffering. The 2015 Monsoon was the driest in six years. The other BRICS nations are also suffering. Both Brazil’s and South Africa’s presidents are facing being kicked out of office for large scandals. In Brazil it is the Petrobras scandal (which also involves top business leaders), and in South Africa it’s been the Nkandla scandal along with the dismissal of their well-respected finance minister. Not only are these two nations in trouble politically, but also economically with what is called “stagflation”. China’s fading demand for Brazilian steel is going to hurt. China’s oversupply of certain minerals like aluminum will hurt those who need to sell to it. Brazil has a poor infrastructure (so does Russia), a business environment that is unattractive to foreign businesses (as does Russia), and other problems. Things look bleak for the economies of all the BRICS nations (Brazil-Russia-India-China-So. Africa). On the other hand, China & Russia are increasingly using their military might. China & Russia are both involved in eliminating ISIS. China landed aircraft on an island they built in the South China Sea in their drive to claim the waters. China just opened a base in Africa. The point is this, at a time their economies are under large stresses, both China & Russia are strengthening their militaries full blast.

PATTERNS OF RESILIENCE. America is under the judgment of God, and has some weaknesses in its economy, but I think in both counts it has more resilience than people realize. I don’t believe the economic crash will come as quickly & soon as Ron Paul and some others are saying. Some parallels from history will help me make my pt.

JUDGMENT FOR MORAL DECAY. France was quite decadent in the ’20’s and ’30’s, & so the French widely felt that their defeat by Germany in 1940 was a judgment on their moral decay. Unfortunately, they turned to their victor, Germany, as a model of how to purify their moral decay, and they widely collaborated with their conquerors, imitating them and purifying France of Jews, communists and Freemasons like the Germans were doing. In fact, the French like the Germans tended to blame all foreign elements in France of having perverted their nation. However, in spite of all this, the French region of the plateau of Vivarais-Lignon with half a dozen villages incl. le Chambon, defied the Nazis and their Vichy collaborationist govt. to save thousands of individuals that were on Nazi death lists during WW 2. What is remarkable is that the entire region, which was made up of many different kinds of people…Protestants, Catholics, agnostics, and others were solid to a person. Not a single person ever “spilled the beans” and ratted out their fellow patriots. It was an incredible testimony of what people can do to fight tyranny…and how common people can have morals & courage. And I would like to do a post on it all as an example for us to follow. The pt. I draw from it is this, even though the USA has its share of end times moral corruption, there are still pockets of good people that will not go along with the corrupt New World Order, and will work together to help each other.

TAKING A BEATING & STILL STANDING. America’s economy is resilient. Predictions of its demise and economic crash have consistently proved wrong. This pattern of taking a hammering and defying the odds can be seen in another WW 2 example. In WW 2, it was predicted that if all the German cities were destroyed along with their key industries like oil that their war economy could be halted. They kept going in spite of it all. Further, Allied military timetables for German defeats (in Africa, Italy, & Russia in ’43 & ’44) consistently proved wrong. Germany was resilient. At one pt., the Allied Supr. commander Eisenhower predicted Germany’s defeat before the Christmas of ’44. When Christmas actually arrived, the allies were fighting hard to stop a major German offensive. Likewise, America’s economy is going to go down slower than predictions of an imminent immediate collapse. However, if America falls, so does the world. When our economy dives, the world’s economy dives. China is now also a big player in the global economy, and so her problems can only stress the rest. Australia is heavily invested in China, and linked to her economy that Australia will have a down turn this year. How soon this all catches up and has a cumulative effect on the US economy? I believe it will take months. Certainly, this year should see America take a beating…who can say what it will look like a year from now. But my conclusion is that America (similar to Germany in WW2) will not topple easily.



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