WHAT HAVE YOU ACCOMPLISHED? This post is designed to liberate you from bondage to accomplishment & to plant seeds of encouragement in all of our lives. You have heard: When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them. But I say, when you stop expecting yourself to look perfect, you can like yourself for who you are.

DO OUR ACTIONS APPEAR FUTILE? No doubt. Have we always been rewarded for doing good? Rarely. Do people appreciate or understand what we have done & tried to accomplish? Most certainly not. So we ask ourselves, “Did I accomplish anything?” And many of us know the dynamic, you plant a seed, and even though it is a tiny thing, you wait, and after a period of time some big plant results. And this is how our lives work. It is why we are told to “wait on the Lord”. What is so interesting to me, is that Christ, who is held up to be our supreme example, is in this case, definitely the best example of the subject of this post. Consider this: Christ did not write any books. He didn’t found any institutions. He didn’t leave any monuments or great building projects for people to remember him. The World names parks, forests, airports and buildings after their great men as soon as they die. He received none of that. He died as a criminal, and painfully at that. From a worldly standpoint, he didn’t accomplish diddlysquat. If he had tied his self-image, his self-esteem, & his self-confidence to the kinds of worldly accomplishment that we are told will make us a successful person, then he would have felt like a failure. Through faith, he could wait on God, and is arguably the person who genuinely accomplished the most of anyone in a lifetime. (And it was all accomplished on his part in 3 yrs. of public service.)

LOOKING FOR SUCCESS IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES. To rule the world is an accomplishment that extraordinary men like Alexander the Great, Cyrus the Great, Augustus Caesar, Napoleon & Hitler dreamed about. The account of Yahshua being offered the rulership of all the kingdoms but rejecting it to stay loyal to God, shows us that this accomplishment was not important, being faithful & loyal to God was the more important accomplishment for Christ. Obviously, being quietly loyal is far less notable than ruling the world. The point is that your great successes may never be seen by anyone but God Almighty. And when I say “anyone”…they may not even be visible to you. What appears to be a loss (turning down an offer of the world, or a failure to gain part of the world) may become the seed that produces the best accomplishment of your life. When I gave up writing books to expose the Illuminati in order to help MPD Illuminati victims, I had no foreknowledge that I would accomplish anything. I did it because it was the right thing, and what I felt called to do. The majority of feedback from my supporters was that I was wasting my time. Most of my friends left me. They vehemently argued: don’t waste your talents & your knowledge to help a few damaged people. I did what was right, what I felt called to do, and prayed God would be my effectiveness. I am so glad that I remained faithful to what God called me to do. There was never any guarantee that what I did would accomplish anything but to express love. People think about attaining a high quality of life—“Look at the oversized mansion I bought!”—but they forget about the more important qualities of life: joy, a clear conscience, peace, a sense of purpose, & acceptance of what God is doing in our life.
FROM FAILURE TO SUCCESS. Can we keep our faith in what Almighty God can do with our lives? Can we sleep in peace knowing we have done our best, and in spite of the sorrows, cast our cares for accomplishment on Him?? Life will give us endless rejections. It will give us unfair reversals. We may wonder if there is any encouragement anywhere. We may gain little results for our hard work. This year, my cousin, a farmer, may get almost no wheat harvest for all his hard work. Another friend has lost many business opportunities because he speaks to people about the New World Order. What have these people gained that was worth all the efforts?? What have they gained by resisting the negatives of the World?? It would only be natural to wonder in so many situations: Did I accomplish anything? We are liberated from salvation by works. God will provide for the hardworking farmer w/ no crop. Great things may develop from hard work & little results. Wait on the Lord. These invisible positives are called “treasures in heaven”, which are stored where nothing can corrupt them, and no terrorist is going to hit these treasures with a plane, and no IRS agent will steal them. Now we have a better understanding of the deep truth, “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” COL 3:23


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