WHAT GOD IS DOING IN THE WORLD TODAY. The Spirit inspired me to write a message on what God was doing. So I asked, “What are You doing??” “WHAT I WAS DOING WITH CHRIST.” “Yeah??” “AND THIS GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come…REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!”(A) Now I understand. That explains much of what we are seeing today worldwide. Now I can write them Your message. The first part of the message in that verse was holiness (repentance, the fruit of the Spirit) and the second part is the Kingdom rule (making Christ sovereign). This rule is coming through LOVE. Christ said this Kingdom rule is within you.(B) The rule has to be accepted voluntarily & that is a key to understanding much of what is happening today. Those, who feel they have all the resources (answers, money, etc.) that they need in life without God, are not interested in having God’s rule in their hearts. So God has to allow man to discover his insufficiency! And His Spirit has gone where it can rest in the thanksgivings of those who appreciate, praise & worship Him because they appreciate the fruit, gifts & power of the Spirit.

Oh, and we take note that this Kingdom gospel is going worldwide…God’s kingdom has always been meant for all the nations (for instance, see PS 96, ISA 42 & 49). “God…wants all men to be saved & come to a knowledge of the truth.”(C) And that true missionary work is a move of the Spirit.(D)

CHRIST IS ALLOWING HIS ENEMIES TO SELF-DESTRUCT. The Word says, “Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming. Then comes the end, when He delivers the Kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule & all authority & power. For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet.”(E) Here in America about 17% go to church on Sunday, & very few on the Sabbath. Most Americans feel well off without God, even the few that go to church; holiness & the Holy Spirit are not important in their lives. So God is allowing Americans to discover: No Christ, no hope. Know Christ, know hope. A Spirit of Deception has been given to North America, and many are going to say to Christ, Lord, Lord did we not preach and do all these miracles in your name…And Christ will say, I never knew you.(F) Why? They never invited the Kingdom rule into their lives.

“ABOVE ALL ELSE, GUARD YOUR HEART; for out of it are the issues of life.”(G) During the last 250 yrs. the gospel left Europe in the form of missionaries. But it also simply left! First came a religious pride. Then the European churches lost confidence in the Word of God. Then they became liberal (lost their spiritual saltiness); and finally they have been abandoned by today’s generation as irrelevant. Belgium, esp. Brussels, the heart of the Illuminati, is perhaps spiritually the darkest European nation. After the Illuminati scandals (Satanism & pedophilia, etc.) of the ‘90’s, the Belgium people don’t trust their politicians & religious leaders. With the true church nearly gone, the secular culture of the EU is becoming increasingly intolerant of religious freedom. True believers, who stand out in contrast to the vestiges of Catholicism & Lutheranism, are being legally labeled “sects” in France & Belg. as their Illum. leaders move to outlaw them. Young Europeans are turning to the occult & its “New Age” practices. Spanish speaking Latin Americans have been reseeding Spain w/ the seeds of the gospel. The general truth is that God’s Holy Spirit is not welcome in Europe & North America.

THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS MOVING WHERE IT IS WELCOME. (He doesn’t need to be marketed.) Those with few resources want Him, & it is rare that the upper classes will desire Him in their lives. (An exception I know about are the upper class of Bolivia.) The Holy Spirit is like a fire, & the heart of this fire has been moving through time, so you can see it move from Yahshua, to leaders in Jerusalem, to western Asia to northern Africa, to Ireland (who preserved Christianity from extinction), to southern Europe, to North Amer. and finally to the third world. Now 2/3s of all Christians are in Asia, Africa & Latin America. In 1900, in Asia, there were 4 million protestant & non-denominational Christians in 1900…in 2000, there were at least 193 million.

Territorial spirits, incl. religious spirits & the sins of a people can close them to the gospel of Kingdom. It’s interesting how God’s Spirit moves in one tribe, while all the others around will reject Him. Amongst the Berber people, only the Kabyle tribe, who live in villages in places like Algeria, have accepted Christ. While in Cambodia which has been a nation wracked w/ abandoned children, child sex slavery & basically in moral collapse, the Mnong tribe has largely come to Christ. In 2006, the nation of Benin elected Yayi Boni, a born-again Christian converted from Islam, who actively encourages Christian ministries in his nation. The first nation to embrace Christ, Armenia, celebrated 1700 years as a Christian nation in 2001. The Armenian Apostolic Church is spiritually weak, but a 1700 yr. history is a good foundation to work from. The evangelical arm of the Armenian Church is the Loving Brotherhood which goes back to the 5th century. In our modern times, the best three countries where their people have been open to the Holy Spirit working in their lives are South Korea, Indonesia & mainland China. There have been miracles & spectacular growth of Christianity in those nations. China is a nation that illustrates what God is doing. He heals, He answers prayer, He helps in decisions & equips believers. He makes His message relevant to different cultures so they understand that God is for life, love, hope & a heavenly perspective. Watch, the World and you will see the World is for death, hate, despair, and creating hell.

“TO WHOM HAS THE ARM OF YAHWEH BEEN REVEALED??”(H)…CHINA’S IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT GOD IS DOING. Free nationalist China (Taiwan aka Formosa) was founded by Methodist Chiang Kai-shek (who was the leader of non-Communist China (1928-75). Taiwan has had an open policy toward Christians. But their materialism & the connections between their Christian leaders to Freemasonry & Triad groups have weakened their spirituality. Taiwan has not seen radical spiritual growth. But God’s hand has been moving strongly on the mainland! Hong Kong & Macau, now part of China, because they were European colonies, were also open to Christianity in the 20th century. Because they have been assoc. w/ organized crime, Triads, Freemasonry, and are dens of sin, they are spiritually anemic (i.e. little holiness, rare repentance). The history of China shows what & how God is doing things!!! China is full of lessons! The survival & revival of Chinese Christianity has been clearly a miracle done by God. The first Chinese Christian churches date back to 635 A.D. at Xian, Shaonxi Province. Christianity in the province, wiped out by the Communists, has revived in recent years to perhaps 3 million.

When the Red Communists took over mainland China in 1949, they set about to eradicate Christianity. They killed the Christian leaders & shut down the churches. Their intense persecution eradicated Christians from vast areas of the country. Henan Province was declared an “Atheist Zone” by China’s atheist leaders in the ‘60s. But their atheistic policies caused the death of 8 million Henanese (provincial citizens), & the people rejected atheism. Christianity spontaneously sprung up…what the Chinese leadership called “Christianity fever”, & Henan Province got nicknamed “Jesus Nest”. Some counties in Henan are entirely Christian today. It was young women moving around that planted many of the churches. The important province of Jiangsu (west of Shanghai) with the major city Nanking (Nanjing, pop. 3.38 million) has seen incredible moves of the Spirit, & widespread acceptance of Christ. In the other direction, south of Shanghai is the coastal province of Zhejiang. Its city Wenzhou is called the “Jerusalem of China” as over 30% of the population is Christian, who attend 2,400 state churches in the city, as well as 3,500 registered mtg. places, as well as thousands of underground house churches.

Losing the battle to God, the Chinese atheist leadership strategized & created a state-church in 1979 called the Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) & declared other Christians illegal. The state church was controlled. They could teach obedience to the govt. but were banned from teaching youth about Christ. Some of the banned activities were preaching about Christ’s return, healing & delivering people. It was this church Billy Graham praised, & told that if he didn’t have a Bible, he’d use the book of Mao’s quotes. But the entire population of China has seen the corruption of their atheist rulers, and their homicidal ruthlessness. Atheism & Communism is repugnant to most Chinese. There are more Christians in the nation than Communist Party members, and some of the party members are secretly Christians. The creation of the state controlled church just gave impetus to the secret underground home churches, which have perhaps 100 million Chinese involved in them. This is why there was the news story about Chinese customs officials seizing Bibles in 2008. In 1997, the govt. destroyed 200 church buildings, & in 1999 they arrested hundreds of Christians. America’s biggest Church leader Billy Graham has told the world that mainland China has religious freedom. But the persecution has only purified the church with a baptism of fire that purified out the dross from the gold.

“LORD ATTUNE OUR SPIRIT TO YOURS!” …SOME CHINESE TRIBES WELCOME CHRIST. In Guizhou Province, two peoples: the A-Hmao & Gha-Mu are mostly Christians. In Yunnan Province, the Lisu (300,000 Christians), the Eastern Lipo (67% Christian), the Maru (79% Christian) and the Ayi are some of the tribes that are mostly Christian. In Shandong Province, an indigenous move of the Spirit created a Bible-based communal Christianity called the Jesus Family who helped start the house church movement. In Jilin Province & Liaoning Province, strong Korean Christians have helped make those Chinese provinces strong in Christ. In Taiwan, the mainstream crowds, focused on the good life & gambling, have ignored Christ; while two tribes of mountain people the Tayal (in ’73) & the Amis (in ’83) welcomed Christ into their lives. I notice that simple rural people who are close to nature often appreciate God. “Sing unto the Lord a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth.”(I) Well, all nature sings of His glory. I love hearing birds pouring out their hearts in delight with songs. “Let the heavens be glad, & let the earth rejoice.”(J) “Then shall all the trees of the wood sing for joy…” (K) God’s Spirit has gone where He has been welcomed in & appreciated. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is being allowed to see how insufficient man is on his own.

(A) Gospel of the Kingdom going to the world is MT 24:14, and the message of Repenting for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand was the message of John the Baptist (MT 3:2), of Christ (LK 3:3 + MT 10:7; LK 4:33) & Christ’s disciples (LK 9:60). (B) LK 17:21 (C) 1 TIM 2:3-4 (D) JN 16:7 (E) 1 COR 15:23b-25 (F) MT 7:21-22 (G) PRV 4:23 (H) ISA 53:1 (I) PS 96:1 (J) PS 96:11 (K) PS 96:12


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