WHAT COMES NEXT? The World survived the economic dangerous period during the Fall of 2014 without a global economic fall. Yet the global economy does not have equilibrium. And eco disinfo is being spread like confetti at a NYC parade, indeed the public is bedazzled with this confetti & the accompanying parade of superficial & bogus economic news announcements. Even though the stock market is way overvalued, investors don’t care if the markets are overvalued so long as it keeps going up. This post is a collection of thoughts pertaining to the global economy, with some relevant Scriptural thoughts.

ZOMBIE ECONOMIES GUIDED BY THE ILLUM. FINANCIAL KINGPINS KEEP STAGGERING FORWARD. There is a popular quote by Illuminati kingpin George Soros: “financial markets are driving the world towards another Great Depression with incalculable political consequences.” His choice of dealing with this is called “piecemeal engineering”, a type of economic social engineering as explained by Karl Popper. The idea is to make small incremental changes that won’t upset things. The Illuminati’s IMF, led by Illuminata Christine Lagarde, is doing just that. Her IMF has a ten-year transition plan which the U.S. has informally agreed to which replaces the dollar with SDR’s as the world’s reserve currency. Plans are to devalue the dollar relative to the SDR, which will be a massive structural “reform” for the U.S. dollar & savings in $s will be wiped out. The Illuminati plans to buy billions of American T-bonds in the next few yrs. will maintain confidence in the U.S. dollar, so fear mongers claiming a collapse in T-bond sales are not on track. Meanwhile, the Illuminati has been working at manipulating the European financial situation; as you may have noticed the Euro. Central Bank’s Mario Draghi (put in place by the Illum.) is reported in the news as having discussed QE (Quantitative easing—the same euphemism that our Fed has been using) with its council members. While there will be no QE—at least for several months—the fact that it is mentioned might be interpreted as laying the stage for its later adoption. Europe is still trying to deal with massive unemployment in Spain & Greece, and sick economies in Eastern Europe, Portugal & Cyprus. If a global reset (global crash) happens like Christine Lagarde keeps talking about, it will be the public that will bear the brunt of the suffering…not the ones who make the policies. It is probably appropriate to remind readers that a global economic crash (or as Legarde calls its result “structural reforms”) will seriously help the Illuminati attain the 4 primary goals on their agenda: population reduction, the abolition of private property, the creation of a visible World govt., and the destruction of family life & marriage (economic stress translates into marriage stress). As wealth is redistributed, the rich will continue to get proportionally richer. An example of a “signal” to watch for is: when global corporate giants like GE issue SDR-denominated bonds, which will be bought by banks.

CHINA & RUSSIA. While the World is awed by China, its economic rise is not solid & it could collapse to everyone’s amazement. If China’s economy collapsed, it would still recover just like the U.S. did after 2008. But the domino effect would be inflationary on the Japan & the U.S.– both countries battling hard to maintain their economies. Putin admitted in his recent State of the Country speech that 2014 was a “difficult year” but told Russians that the sanctions placed on Russia due to its aggressions against the Ukraine would motivate Russia to improve her economy, and that he still intended to return Russia to its previous power & greatness. As you may have heard, the Russian military has been “saber rattling” by intimidating the U.S. with a show nuclear power directed towards the U.S. I believe this is more Putin’s machismo than the prelude to nuclear war. Let him look good to his people.

SCRIPTURAL THOUGHTS. As per AMOS 3:7, I should pray more concerning our future. The thing is, God has really laid down His thoughts & principles for thousands of years. He has inspired countless people to understand his will & many to record His will. (I am not referring to the apostate church of today.) ISA 58:6-10 explains that God will ignore a nation that does not feed its hungry; but if they will “deal” their food to the hungry, then “They shall thou call, and the LORD shall answer;…” His ultimate will is that mankind is properly fed (ISA 25:6). There are many other verses advocating taking care of the destitute. And yet what is the trend in America?? In cities across America, to be homeless is becoming a crime, and to feed the homeless & hungry is also being made a crime!! Certainly this is bringing judgment on America. At the very least God is ignoring our prayers. YHWH God have mercy on us!!

SHEMITAH. Another scriptural concept is Shemitah (pronounced “She-me-tah”). Time is measured in increments of 7 (there are many Biblical examples of this), and the land is to be fallow on the seventh year. As 2015 is seven yrs. after 2008, there is a book written by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn The Mystery of the Shemitah, which predicts, based on the Shemitah, that 2015 will be the year of economic collapse. As the NY Times promoted his book, that right there raises a big red flag for me in taking his predictions seriously. I have seen the World Press push other “Scriptural” predictions that patently failed. Changing subjects slightly… God will give people up to their lusts & delusions…and we have plenty of economic delusions & perverted lusts in this nation. America has certainly been turned over to their delusions—as the Scripture predicted.

FINAL THOUGHTS. For various reasons, I don’t see Shemitah bringing a total collapse this next yr. We just went through the danger zone this fall without much happening, and I am thinking we are going to muddle through this next year…perhaps. There are still numerous signs of an imminent collapse, but there were similar signs this last year. You will cont. to hear all the negative nitty-gritty…shoppers failed to show up in the numbers expected for shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday recently. 70% of Americans believe the economy is permanently damaged. First time home buying is down because so many graduates have massive student loans. Congress debates their spending bill (w/ its 12/11/14 deadline) to keep the govt. from shutting down, & everyone expects they will pass it. These reports are there because we really are hurting! But it doesn’t necessarily mean a collapse. The global economies are masterful creations of illusions; they are set up to be vigorously manipulated. It is quite possible we will continue on a step-by-step plan like George Soros advocates, rather than a plunge off a cliff.


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