Were you ever trapped in a dark room or cave, or felt run over by a Mac Semi truck? 31 JAN 2013

Were you ever trapped in a dark room or cave, or felt run over by a Mac Semi truck? ? These were the feelings that hit me when the jury foreman gave his “guilty” verdict. The natural man at such a point sees no hope. Answers are not visible; the future seems dark and foreboding. When natural hope dies, spiritual hope in God begins its journey, for hope is the conviction of things not seen. I knew that what the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good. Hope does not take the present too seriously, for it knows it won’t last. HOPE IS REVOLUTIONARY. Hope is not found in the conformity of the silent majority. “Be silent” everyone yelled at blind Bart, “But he cried out all the more!” (MK 10:48) In the end, Christ says, “…your faith made you well.” Yes, a noisy faith that cried out has hope. Besides the conformity of the silent majority, other “hope killers” are those who are satisfied: satisfied with their wealth, or satisfied that they have all the answers. They are those in the system who suck at the tit of the mass media. They are rich and proud all right, but poor towards God, no spiritual dreams and visions, rather selfish self-satisfaction. The pampered, lacking hope, fall apart when thrown into prison. (I’ve seen it.) Now you know why Christ said, “Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” The poor in spirit have hope. HOPE is revolutionary. As one occult song says we are “prisoners of our own device”, but the Word says hope is from God. God says, “For I know the thoughts [plans] that I think toward you, says YHWH, thoughts of peace [your wellbeing] not evil to give you a future and a hope.” (JER 29:11) Solitary suffering can make us feel forsaken by God and abandoned by humans; let us remember His Word says He chooses the weak and despised; in line with that we see Christ lovingly touch lepers. Likewise, the World despises me, and you my friends have lovingly touched my life! Further, when we suffer, we anchor our hopes to thoughts of reality. An inauspicious pleasant day with your family may take on incredible power when you walk through a dark tunnel of life. It is your grounding to reality. Without such simple good memories, our minds can run away into fantasyland and never return. I’ve seen people lose it. I’ve also seen many guilty criminals ask, how can a loving good God allow me to suffer a sentence for my crimes? I ask in return, Why do people question the wisdom of God? And why do people not realize there are consequences for mankind misusing the freedom God gave us? I hope that you my friend, if you are in a dark room with no visible hope, relax, do what you can for your situation, and don’t take the present super seriously. This too will pass my friend. Take care.


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