Recently I was on Kathy Rubio’s show, & a caller called in & extended what was a 2 hr. radio show to a 3 ½ hr. show. The caller had ideas for getting the Harney County Standoff people free. He said (to paraphrase), we have laws in this nation. He said it would not work to free them for anti-government people & people who had wild ideas on the Illuminati to be involved. The caller obviously has no idea where things are at today, and by the end of the show I felt disrespected by the whole process.

HOW I KNOW FIRSTHAND WHAT I WRITE ABOUT. Dear friends, I have been in the prisons, and have seen the Constitutional rights of inmates trampled on. Unfortunately, just as in Nazi Germany, the common people who know little first hand, think things should get harsher. In Nazi Ger., the German people were pleased that criminals, asocials, & useless eaters were imprisoned & treated harshly. People in the USA are similar. Crime is like a disease & people want it eradicated. But the founding fathers wanted to acknowledge the God-given rights of humanity, and in their wisdom gave a number of important rights to people: habeas corpus, due process of law, and an 8th amendment to the Constitution that forbids cruel & unusual punishment; which means basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, exercise, medical care, & by extension sanitation are basic rights. Inmates are granted the right to serve as attorneys for other inmates—”jail house attorneys” are what they are called, because inmates are cut off in a practical sense from having an attorney. I served as an attorney for inmates in Federal prison; I had to do this quietly because they punished inmates for doing so, & I used for instance the excellent book Prisoners’ Self-Help Litigation Manual, & a few other top notch references. I know the Constitution, how it is interpreted, and how it is being used as toilet paper by the law. I took my own case to the Supreme Ct. but it did not hear my case. This article is to expose an example of how America is ALREADY as far gone as Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR. Wake up America to how terror is being enforced & not even talked about!! Well this post will talk about it.

SCARY NAZI-STALIN STYLE PRISON IN THE HEART OF AMERICA AT HOMAN SQUARE. It would seem that Chicago’s redbrick black Torture chamber prison, which is secret & “off-the-books” would be front line news. After all, a few others have tried to expose it before this article. Some witnesses in Chicago are too terrified to talk about it. And of course the mainstream media won’t, and alternative media seems by & large to have missed reporting on this cruel Homan Square Police Warehouse in the middle of Chicago’s West Side at 1011 S. Homan Ave. (41.8684°N 87.71°W). Broad directions: it is between Central Park & Homan 2 blocks north of Roosevelt and used to be a Sears, Roebuck Warehouse. (The streets are named after presidents in the area.) Its first floor is SWAT & FBI. The second are the cages.

THE SCOOP ABOUT THE BLOODY TERROR. First, one needs to realize that all Chicago police belong to the Fraternal Order of Police, & have a reputation for corruption & brutality. SWAT teams are stationed in the Warehouse & secretive special police units work with the inmates. When a black Nazi-styled helmeted SWAT team arrests a person in the area, the person may be brought to this secret prison. Over 7,000 people have disappeared into it. It is a red-brick warehouse with no driveway & no parking lot…people are moved through a blue door. Once inside the inmate is cut off from the outside world—he will be refused access to the outside world, refused legal representation, and frequently tortured, incl. starvation & no water. No booking records are kept, so if the inmate dies while being tortured, there is no record of it. One man testified how he was anally raped by the cops to force him to become an informant. If people or attorneys guess that their loved one or client is being locked in a cage in Homan Square and shows up there—they are lied to and told the person is not there. If they manage to have evidence (like someone saw the person enter Homan Square), the cops say the person does not want to see them. 7,185 have disappeared into it in 11 years. Of those, 6,000 were blacks. Of these, only 68 have been allowed to get word out of their incarceration. Witnesses & suspects, who the police put there, disappear & lawyers & relatives have no way to find their whereabouts. Even in Nazi Germany they would give you that information. The Chicago Police Dept. simply blatantly lies that nothing improper is going on. That an interrogation prison where torture is a regular feature & inmates have no rights can exist in the heart of America for over 11 years, is proof how Americans have lost their rights & freedoms.

HITLER’S PRISONS WHITEWASHED. The symbol of Nazi repression are the Nazi concentration camps—not their prisons for criminals. Until 2004, there were no books in English on the Nazi prisons, until Nikolaus Wachsmann’s “Hitler’s Prisons: Legal Terror in Nazi Germany” (Yale Univ. Press, 2004). Many prison officials in Nazi Ger. were ex-army…and the same holds true in Fed. prison. Wachsmann demonstrates that ordinary legal officials were ready collaborators who helped to turn courts & prisons into key components in the Nazi web of terror. After WW 2, the repression & horror of the Nazi prisons was whitewashed… it is hard for people to get morally upset at the treatment of “criminals”. What people can’t comprehend is that the person in there could be them. So discussing the abuse of inmates has a moral ambiguity with the public. Unless it happens to them, most people function off the illusion, if I keep my nose clean and do what I am told, I will be left alone. Like the caller claimed: “We have laws.” The reason the Harney County standoff occurred is that the protesters had found that there is no legal redress of grievances. The Legal System is broke. Due Process of Law is broke.

CONCLUSION. People used to ask how could the Germans with such a civilization accepted Hitler and the evil that came with it?? In our lifetime, we have witnessed the America people do the same. It bothers me that many people don’t care about what happens in such places, like the Homan Black torture prison. Like the Germans turning their attention away from concentration camps, they went on with business like usual. SHAME ON AMERICA. If Americans don’t value their rights, the oppressors taking us into the New World Order aren’t going to either.


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