Very strange, why doesn’t everyone know this vital info?? 12 MAR 2013

Very strange, why doesn’t everyone know this vital info?? In the 1990’s in a health store, I was introduced to collagen, yet according to my local Vitamin Shoppe I am their only customer who buys their collagen product Amino Sculpt. The word about collagen has obviously not gotten around. Hmmm.

100% of the body’s organs & tissues contain collagen, & some like cartilage are simply 100% white collagen (with the name cartilage). Collagen not only provides the connective glue to hold things together, it plays functional roles in the heart, brain & liver. For instance, the heart has 4 dense collagen valve rings, as well as using collagen in numerous other roles in its functioning. The eye is made up of Bowman’s Membrane, Descemet’s Membrane & endothelium, which are made up of 95% collagen & blood vessels. Collagen is indispensable to life, and you quit making it at age 30! Do you now realize why you begin aging around age 30??

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the synthesis of collagen. What happens when you get a Vit. C deficiency? Scurvy—and what are scurvy’s symptoms? Your collagen goes bad, and the connective tissue weakens, gums deteriorate, and skin discolors. Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are when collagen fibers have been attacked in the body.

In the ‘90’s, I began supplementing with collagen at night. Why at night? When you go to sleep the body checks the level of collagen you have to determine how much rebuilding it will do. If the level is like a baby, your body will sleep like a baby & repair like a baby. (Bear in mind other circumstances can override things and interfere with your sleep, like your neighbors loud party next door!) Unless other mitigating negatives prevent sleep in other ways, I have found that the collagen allows my body to sleep & repair itself like a baby. When I have shared collagen with others they report back to me they experience the same thing.

Collagen is a complex protein, and they have identified 28 types, but type 1,2, & 3 are the most noted and the ones the supplements supply. There will usually be a type 2 supplement, or a 1 & 3 supplement, or a 1,2,3 supplement. There are obviously different qualities in the different brands, and type 2, which is makes up most of the body’s collagen, has different purposes than other types. Supplementing w/ a good collagen will turn many things around for your health. One supplement (MediCollagenics) says that in 13 weeks of collagen supplements you can regenerate 30% of your lost collagen. And note this, by age 50 you have lost approx. half or more of your collagen in your bones, tendons, skin, arteries, eyes (esp. your cornea), hair & lungs. Actually, you are only operating with 23% in your hair, perhaps why it is turning grey. 
So there it is my friends, if you didn’t know, now you do.


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