This post is short post about William Van Duyn’s recent activities, where he both privately met with the most powerful women of the World, and also spent time with a protester who engaged in him in dialogue. It is possible I might get some more info on his meal w/ these powerful women that I can share, if so, I will pass it on. In past yrs, much to the horror of his security team, William has circulated to hear what the man in the street has to say. I know William is fluent in his native tongue Dutch, as well as English, French & Hungarian. He may know others as well. (As you can imagine, his American English is not quit up to a native speaker, and he knows both British & Amer. English so one line of what follows seems garbled.) Here is the dialogue he had with a protester named Gary:

Gary: I know who you are. [Hey maybe someone does read my articles!]
William: Do you?
Gary: You’re the loser who has to hide like a vampire. You Illuminatists want to poison humanity. A real man fights in the open. [From what William indicates he got a finger pointed at him at this point.]
William: I am William. Nice meeting you. Please talk to me like an adult.
Gary: Do you think you can plan my life? You wrong faggot! You’ll never beat America. You can’t hide in the shadow Bilderberger.
William: I have no intention to plan your life.
Gary: GMO and fluoride must be good for people then? the chemicals?
William: did you read my report about the deal with Monsanto?
Gary: What about fluoride?
William: This is a decision from your government back from 1967.
Gary: I wish [see?] you [you’d?] support anything to pacify the population.[? this line appears garbled.]
William: thank you.
Gary: I’m not for poisoning unsuspecting people in the guise of medication. Even forced medication is unethical.
William: Good. Now I understand you. I am not alone to fight against it. Thank you Garry.

William thinks these conversations will help all involved to grow. William’s comments on this conversation: “This was my yesterday’s conversation with Gary. I appreciated him for attacking me. He was angry, aggressive and nervous.” As I have said before, in contrast with the Illuminati in the past, the leadership today is trying to understand the man in the street. They don’t have to do this, they could steam roll over us, but it is something they want to do. William Van Duyn has been having long stressful days interacting with the World’s elite; to take time out from his long stressful agenda to talk with the protesters speaks volumes.

I need to find out more about this conversation. It’s possible I may have misunderstood some things about it. A Christian is commenting to me that there were two people on twitter and they were exceptionally rude to Mr. Van Duyn. Mr. Van Duyn gave a time for an interview and they didn’t even bother to show up after agreeing to it. People, I think we are trashing some good opportunities here by being trapped in hate and contempt. What good is hate and rudeness and threats going to produce? Come on people think.


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