UPDATE SAT. 26, 2014. May the light of Yahshua continue to increase! This update is to share about my upcoming revised ed. of my WT & Masons book, my situation after my surgery, and some thoughts on friendship & contact requests.

My current project is to get the WT & MASONS book back into print. The goal is to have approx. 140 finished books by mid-Sept. I may focus more on the book project than putting out face book posts. As I did in the 1990’s with previous book projects, I allowed people to preorder at a low rate as a way of generating more production funds. Because of limited funds and the small amount of books to be produced, production costs will run around $20/book. (As per the planning projections, I will not be able to get big run discounts.) If you are interested in a copy of the new revised WT & Masons book, and want to support its production, and live in the United States, make a donation of $20 by Paypal, and note on the donation that it is for the WT & Masons. (That means you are getting a copy for production costs & free shipping.) Make sure your U.S. address which is used for Paypal is the one that you want the book shipped to or send me the shipping address by email to my email address: [email protected] . I know that there is probably as much interest overseas for the new edition as in America, but I can’t cover the shipping costs with a donation of $20. The post office no longer does special international book rates, nor slow boat mailings, everything is priority/airmail which means foreign addresses are going to run probably over $20 for mailing a book to a foreign address.

I appreciate all the love & support that has arrived concerning my surgery. Since I returned from the hospital, and gave an update about how the promised pledge of funds to help pay medical expenses failed to arrive, friends have sent an additional $234. And I appreciate every cent of that, because it represents the love & support people have for God’s ministry and my person. I am getting around, albeit slowly. My first followup appointment with the doctor is July 30th, so until that time no showers on surgery area. My knee feels much better after the surgery. My goal is to do the exercises to regain strength in the left leg as well as restore my overall body composition which has deteriorated. Maintaining health at my age is a full time job!

FRIENDS & LOOSE ENDS. There are numerous people who I have been close to and have lost contact with. It’s been said that “A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.” And also that a good friend knows you are a good egg even if you are cracked. As a final thought…I decided to work on a few loose ends (I have thousands of loose ends in my life!!) There are a number of people who I was close to that I lost contact with, and I mention 3 in this paragraph. If you know any of these people maybe you can help me get back into contact with them, or let me know how they are doing. 
KEVIN D. SCHMID. Went by the spiritual name Gabriel. He is slightly older than me in his early 60’s, and was navy & police during his life. He lived in Honolulu at Ala IIima St. and Iholena Pl.

DR. SARA HUTTO. She lived in Grand Junction, CO and I think moved to 518 22nd St., Golden, CO. 80407. She was a Chiropractor and into alternative health.

KEN OLSON. Ken still lives in Round Rock, TX. He is 83. I don’t know his status, hopefully he is still in good health.

Finding old friends is like finding something you treasured from the past. I enjoyed my 40th high school reunion in 2013. It has been a great blessing to me to reconnect with so many great people after Oct. 5, 2010. For you too my friend, I would pray that you have a good personal friend, for a good friend is better than a priest to confess to, and cheaper for good advice than a therapist. Be blessed my friend.


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