Shawna Cox just recently gave her eyewitness testimony to the cold blooded murder of LaVoy, and this update is based primarily on her testimony. Dolores shared Shawna Cox’s testimony on my fb page her, which was posted on the Bundy Ranch facebook page an hour ago. Someone is now falsely accusing Shawna Cox as being Patty Hearst, a crisis actor. Shawna Cox is not Patty Hearst. Shawna was someone who believed in liberty and was travelling in the first vehicle which had LaVoy upfront, and Shawna, Ryan Bundy and Victoria in the back seat.

LACK OF INFORMATION & DISINFO ON THE SHOOTING. Shawna was on her cell phone while they were travelling. Her cell phone quit working –she said they hit an area where cell phone service doesn’t reach (but I wonder if the service might have been blocked). At any rate, just before the ambush of their vehicle, they lost communication. Otherwise, she could have given a blow by blow account of things immediately as it happened. (My previous posts had presented my concerns that the protestors’ communications would be cut when the FBI went after them.) Shawna had her video running in the initial stages of the chase, her video was of course seized by the FBI. After the shooting, and after they had all been handcuffed, they were transported in handcuffs together. The LaVoy vehicles’ people were joined to the second vehicle’s group which was driven by Mark. Shawna says Mark was unconcerned about LaVoy’s murder, and repeatedly told the women to shut up while they were singing and praying to keep their spirits up. Mark was allowed to go by the FBI and although he had been told the facts of the murder, when he was released he told lots of disinformation. That is why facts were garbled at the beginning. It was not until Victoria got out & clarified things that the truth became clearer…but that is why some people were confused because they had heard Mark first. Shawna really wonders about Mark, especially since he had been told the facts while they were transported to the hospital in Burns, and he was released by the police to give his bogus disinfo. At the hospital, they were all individually separated, each placed in SUVs, and transported in convoy to Portland, OR at 80 m.p.h. (except for Mark). The FBI helicopter video of the shooting clearly shows LaVoy with his hands up…but it does not reveal many of the other details of the ambush, which I will now relate based on Shawna’s new testimony.

MORE DETAILS ON THE AMBUSH. The two vehicles of the Bundy group were travelling to Grant Co. to meet the Grant Co. sheriff and others. At a certain pt. on Hwy. 395, there were many police vehicles (Oregon State police) that began chasing them, and then turned their lights on. When they finally decided to pull over which can be seen on the helicopter video of the chase, what is not visible in the video is that when they stopped bullets began flying from the cops immediately. Their driver, Ryan, rolled his window down and put his hands out to show there was no weapon. He was shot in the shoulder. The response by the police (& FBI?) was to keep shooting. The FBI video leaves out 3 minutes while the vehicle was parked & was raked with bullets. The driver managed to get out of the car without being killed even though bullets were still flying around him into the car. The rest were down on the floor boards to stay alive.

THE MURDER. They decided it was too hot to stay put, and started moving again with LaVoy at the steering wheel. They met a road block, which had many FBI snipers with scoped sniper rifles in the trees. LaVoy cut to the left, to avoid hitting the police cars of the road block. Shawna was not sure if he was simply stopping (as he slowed down prior to leaving the road) or if LaVoy was trying to go around the road block. At any rate, the vehicle hit ice & snow and stopped. Again, there was a fuselage of fire from the cops & FBI. (The FBI helicopter video because of its distance does not show how the gun fire was raking the car.) The occupants of the car thought that the police intended to kill them. LaVoy bravely jumped out into the fire & walked with his hands up. Shawna says he had no gun in his pocket like the FBI claim. In the video it is clearly seen that a cop or FBI gunman runs up and shoots LaVoy pointblank. Shawna says he had a bullet proof vest on, and that they initially hit him in the leg, and then a sniper from a tree shot him dead. She said that Victoria was shouting that she had medical training and would go to LaVoy’s assistance…but the car continued to be hit by bullets. Shawna says they continued to rake LaVoy’s body with gunfire even after he was dead. The patriots were screaming “Stop.” Eventually, they got out one by one. But even after they were all out, the cops continued to shoot at the car. (Clearly, they had their bloodlust up, which is what I anticipated based on many previous events. For instance, I met a bank robber who showed me all his multiple scars from being shot. He mistakenly thought if he took women & children hostage and put them on a small plane, he’d be able to fly away because the FBI wouldn’t shoot women & children. WRONG. They blasted the plane, and he himself was shot 38 times—barely surviving. The plane was shot full of holes, & never left the ground.)

FINAL THOUGHT. I hope many patriots go to LaVoy’s funeral, and there is Paypal account set up for donations to his family, which has been posted on my fb timeline.


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