Several people have asked me what is going on in Harney County, and I said I would report something when I felt I had more than what one can get off the mass media. Last winter, I was in that very area investigating an Illuminati murder of a programmed multiple, so the setting of this confrontation catches my attention! My main focus in my investigation was a man named Rex Clemens, who retired to a ranch at Diamond. Rex had connections to Harriman, who in turn had connections to Aleister Crowley. If you graduated from the Crane-Buchanan high school near there, Rex would pay all your college tuition. And by the way, Crane’s high school is the only public boarding school where the students live at the school instead of going home. And the small school gets big attention like the governor speaking there. I was given a tour of the entire place by 2 high school students who introduced me to staff. Diamond, where Rex lived, is more of a tiny ghost town…a hotel, 3 houses, and the remains of a burned down dance hall. The entrance to his ranch has his name written on an archway (“Clemen’s Ranchero”), and even though he is deceased, I was rather bemused that his next door neighbor claimed he had never heard of him (which if you believe that, I have some great bargains of land in Syria to sell you.) The biggest most powerful cattleman in Harney County may well have been Illuminati, he was known as “Uncle Bill” (William Hanley) and was good friends with powerful people including J.P. Morgan. Hanley had 25,000 acres in this area.

QUICK BACKGROUND. Since the early years of this nation it has been the practice for the Federal govt. to be the original owner of wilderness, which is one reason why conflicts with the natives involved the govt. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which is a federal entity has worked with ranchers across western United States since its creation in 1946. The BLM controls 1/8 of the land of the U.S., essentially all of BLM land is in western USA. They have issued 18,000 leases & permits to cattlemen to graze their cattle on BLM land. Usually, the arrangement is mutually beneficial for the federal govt. & the ranchers. But in recent years, the Federal govt. has gotten aggressive, and from the rancher’s point of view, overstepped legal boundaries. From what I’ve heard, over 100 ranchers have lost their land in the area of the Bundy protest. The Bundy’s themselves were the center of a big conflict with the BLM in Nevada. Dwight & Steven Hammond, of the Diamond area, were sent to federal prison for burning weeds on their land. When they were released from prison after doing their sentence, a judge decided they needed more time & sent them back to prison. The protesters who are led by Ammon Bundy want land returned to the ranchers and for justice to be done for the Hammond bros. of Diamond.

SITUATION AT THE MOMENT. We are now into the 8th day of the standoff. The Idaho militia, which can telephonically call other militias in the nation, has formed an unarmed buffer around the 150 armed protesters at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in hopes of preventing another FBI massacre like at Waco. Only 2 of the armed protesters are actually militia members, even though the press calls them Bundy’s militia, and refers to Bundy as a militia leader. He is only a militia leader in the sense of leading the unorganized armed group camped out on the Wildlife Refuge Land. By the way, this is sagebrush country, and currently has snow on the ground. (For city people, it would look like mountainous desert.) The 150 or so armed protesters are located at a small BLM building. Blaine Cooper’s wife Melissa Cooper serves coffee to the protesters all day. The govt. has shut down the protester’s cell phones to isolate them, and are watching Paypal accounts which can be used for donations. The govt. also has 2 agent provocateurs within the Bundy group. (This was told me by someone who saw the paper trail.) I don’t know the relationship between Ammon Bundy & the Illuminati Bundys. I know Ammon Bundy and the others consider themselves praying Christians, incl. the 2 Mormons of the group. (Those familiar with Mormons realize they consider themselves Christians.) In fact Harney Co., which has 7,400 people, has a sizable Mormon population. When Roy Potter, one of the 2 armed LDS protesters, refilled his prescription in Burns, OR—he believes it was switched as the new pills made him sick. If so, then you can see that the FBI are already isolating and beginning to attack the group in many insidious ways, like they have done in past standoffs.

RESPONSE BY OTHERS. The FBI told Harney County’s sheriff David Ward to go in and speak to the group, which he & 2 other sheriffs did on Thurs.(7 Jan.) and offer them safe passage (an escort) out of the county. The Idaho militia would provide more escort beyond the county in hopes they would not be shot. The Bundy group said they would accept that protection, but they are not ready to leave until their demands are met. The sheriff called the people of the county together at the county fairgrounds on Weds. Jan. 6. From an incident related to the murder I was investigating, I don’t trust the sheriff dept. Further, the people in Harney Co. don’t strike me as being all that awake about the New World Order & their agenda. Many in the county work for the BLM. At any rate, the people of the county as well as the Harney County Committee of Safety have expressed that they would like the outsiders (Bundy’s armed group) to leave, and that they settle their own problems by themselves. (By the way, Committees of Safety is something that goes back to the American Revolution.) And just like at Waco, many Americans are calling for their govt. to wipe the govt.’s opposition out. I was working cleaning a home when the govt. burned up the Branch Davidian people at Waco (which made me sick) but the plumber working beside me was cheering their deaths. So we have people on the Internet calling for the govt. to bomb the Bundy group and “burn their butts”. While some Americans will stupidly cheer if the Bundy group (their own fellow Americans fighting for their rights) are killed, a few people may have their eyes opened by the heavy handedness of our govt.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Those of us, who are informed godly people, will mourn any blood shed; but no matter what, the bigger picture is this: All things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose…ROM 8:28. The NWO has been wanting these kind of confrontations…and they are pushing the Americans, especially those who are not braindead, into corners where they will get these kind of confrontations. Confrontations are bound to continue as Americans fight for their freedom. No matter how we see the ins & outs of each side’s arguments, all things will overall eventually work towards good. For those who are praying people & interested, prayers for the situation are certainly appropriate.



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