Hello my facebook friends. Taking into consideration how we live in days like Noah, I want to share some thoughts to ennoble you. How can we make you more noble?
Do you have a moment for such a noble topic?
The inspired direction for me is to return us to the basics: love, family, spirituality, humor and peace.
First, what comes to my prayerful mind is to point out the natural progression that occurs as people age they report that they get more and more interested in religion and spirituality. But why wait ‘til we are older to increasingly think of such things. God’s wisdom gained slowly by age, can be grasped at a young age, so why wait?

Next, is the bizarre fact that people clearly realize that family life is the greatest source of happiness, yet Americans typically set their family lives up for failure. No wonder we have so many stressed people; which then, brings me to the next thought, humor.
It seems to me that humor has to be divine at its core…yeah, I realize that modern jokes can be really raunchy, still Yahshua was actually really funny in a deep way. His creative ways of expressing things is profoundly funny; picture a camel going through the eye of a needle. The human ability to laugh and enjoy humor is special; sure mechanical gadgets and robots can go “ha, ha, ha”, “ho, ho, ho”, and “he,he, he”, but they can’t experience the humor. I expect Yahshua was smiling when he told his mother, “Woman what have I to do with you?” or as another translation puts it, “Why should that concern me ma’am?” And Mary was probably smiling back knowing that he’d do the miracle she wanted even if he pretended indifference.

As a final thought on nobility, men you need to rise above the wussy crowd. Men need to quit following the normal ways of things, and take control of their lives and not act like the norm. Women could try standing out in a good way too. Don’t let all the lemmings rushing towards the cliff intimidate you!!! They will squeak out, “Get with the program and progress, or get crushed by it!” Well, let me tell you my friends, we DON’T need to follow the “right” people in the lost world who in lemming-like fashion have no clue where this world is going!! And if you decide to go all out with extreme accommodation of their foolishness, you don’t impress the world, you only make them despise you for being too weak to stand for anything special.

As always, I encourage people to get a divine perspective, which certainly can bring joy back to our lives…for our own failures can be God’s success, and our setbacks, His way of moving our lives forward, and our disasters, may be triumphs for God.
Yes, I think we need to work on the fundamentals of life and go back to the basics! Any thoughts out there from my friends in cyberspace??


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