UPDATE 30 OCT 2012

There is a matter that seems to me worthy to address. There are many things that I hold dear, and one of them is being loyal to my friends. And I have been blessed with some wonderful friends. Now seeking honor from men rather than God is said to be a hindrance to true faith. (JN 5:44) I am not encouraging anyone to seek my praises, even though I love to give praise where praise is due. On the other hand we are also commanded to restrain our tongues and not speak evil of others, backbite and stab them in the back. As 1 Peter 3:10 advises us, “He who would love life…let him refrain his tongue from evil, And his lips from speaking guile.” We need to be especially careful about those of possible faith, which is why I have been far more gentle with fake and apostate Christians than I could be. I’d rather error on the side of caution in exposing evil. Alex Jones has been a good friend to me. He was the good Samaritan who stopped by the wayside and helped me. Somehow because I seem to have walked through everything the system could throw at me for over 20 years people don’t realize how vulnerable I am and how precarious is my ongoing situation. Recently, my cash flow had seized up, I lost my phone, and had my friend Alex Jones not been used by God to minister to me, who knows what I would be dealing with. If Alex were as dirty as his detractors claim, he would never have stepped forward to help me like he did. So from now on I would appreciate it if people who have nothing good to say about him, please not bother me with their negativity. I’ve heard it for years, and am not interested in hearing it anymore.


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