UPDATE 27 OCT 2012

My face book friends have wisely understood my cautionary statements about this coming “election” which is as real as professional wrestling, which sport may be as popular as the politicians’ campaigning. In fact, as you know, a professional wrestler even became a politician. Unfortunately, many seemingly intelligent people are caught up in this staged election dialectic, a controlled conflict. I’m told Romney will be better for the economy because he understands business better. And others dislike Obama’s anti-American communist philosophy. May I remind people, Hitler did wonders with the German economy and he stopped communism from taking over Germany. But he also got Germany into a world war. I really don’t want history repeated, because Romney is the type to take us into war; and then we’ll have the world blame his war on the Christians. Romney will carry out the NWO agenda. A vote for him is not a vote for the lesser evil, but simply makes you in part guilty for what he is going to do. People keep your hands and hearts clean. Is there no third party candidate that you can write in if you feel compelled to vote?


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