UPDATE 24 AUG 2012

Dear Friends, It can be good for adversity to come, as it reminds us of the vanity to rely on worldly riches rather than God. We are going to get a rude awakening as to where our faith lies, wealth or God?
It is vanity to love what quickly passes away, and the American dollar is just that: vanity. The Illuminati bloodlines’ Federal Reserve has made that dollar out of thin air and they will let it dissolve back into nothingness. If you have dollars, I would exchange it for something more permanent in value, something real. China and India have committed themselves to the removal of the U.S. dollar’s position as the World Reserve Currency. It has been slipping from that position these last few months all around the world.
The Illuminati have several goals in mind, destroy all new wealth that is not in the hands of their own membership, whose wealth is more deeper embedded in power and tangibles and more difficult to wipe out than the new wealth. They also will destroy the dollar because the problems that its collapse will create will force Americans in the long run to ditch our Constitution and accept a World Dictatorship. This destruction of the American dollar is not designed to be nice. It is designed to unleash the demons from hell!!! And their mind-controlled minions are well programmed with Armageddon programming to create hell on earth. Good thing we still have the option of a heavenly hope!!
The U.S. government’s fiscal irresponsibility—actually the Federal Reserve’s “Quantitative Easing” of the problem by creating more dollars out of thin air—is going to cause people around the world to hate America. If only people would wake up that the creature created at Jekyll Island (the Fed) is not American but a privately-owned Illuminati institution!! The derivative house of cards and world-wide debt has deliberately been created so that this crash world-wide would be enormous. Humpty-dumpty will take a great fall, and the pieces of egg shell will not be able to be glued back together, especially since the beast that made that rotten egg in the first place wants it broken. America still has some friends. And some people don’t want things to collapse. Can they slow it down? Do we have 6 months to get things in order?


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