UPDATE 22 NOV 2013

Instead of moving on to another subject for a post…I will deal with the loose ends of yesterday’s post. Many new followers have started reading my posts & have lots of mistaken ideas where I come from. There are alert aware people in many places, & it is not helpful when dealing with an individual to make blanket condemnations based on a label. I hope to see each person how God sees them, and to learn from each person, for I am sure I can learn something from most everyone. For the record, here is where I come from: I believe the Holy Bible, and have found it to be consistently accurate, although I will grant to people that at times, it may seem to have problems,… given study those work themselves out. The Biblical view that Satan is the god of this planet is accurate. Satan’s hierarchy, the Illuminati have created controls throughout the world…in brief…it doesn’t matter what part of the World system we discuss, Satan has built controls into it…so it is not a Jewish conspiracy, not a Jesuit conspiracy, not an Islamic conspiracy but a Satanic conspiracy. The World system works off of conflict–keep us divided and weak–use Hegelian dialectics from the conflicts to bring in changes that they want. They are using both the Jews and Muslims to create conflict. The Moslem Brotherhood was created by MI-6. Israel receives instructions daily from MI-6. I have written these facts in previous posts. We trained and armed many of the Islamic terrorists, and the Mossad has done their share of creating Moslem terrorists. All that being said, the thrust of my post was NOT about Islam, but was how our leaders are lying and manipulating events in a way that is helpful to the new world order agenda. However, I can’t even mention Islam obliquely without the pc knee jerk reaction that I am persecuting them. My goal is to help people by exposing the evil agendas, and giving people hope. As Christ wanted to build the Kingdom, so I likewise do. If I can write and do things to help my fb friends, then I am excited. There were a no. of things that crossed my mind to write about today, after all it is the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s martyrdom at the hand of the PTSNB. They are still covering things up! Alex Jones went to Dealy Plaza, Dallas today and got punched in the stomach by a policeman. Drama aside, for me the significance of the Kennedy assassination (like Pearl Harbor) is that is reveals the Hidden Hand. I realize that the Media is using Internet to claim the facts point to Oswald, and there is no proof of a conspiracy. There are so many good books with so many proven details, that it is amazing that they can still get by with the lie! Likewise, the proof is in that the Roosevelt govt. knew from decrypts from Aug. 21st, 1941 on exactly what the targets were for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The proof of the Hidden Hand is there people….but the World continues to spin their lies as if there is no proof. This Hidden Hand is what I expose, and it has its dirty paws worldwide…and those who have read my Be Wise As Serpents or my seen my prophecy talk realize that I believe we need to see the entire extent of this World System and not just one finger or aspect of it, esp. since it works off of a strategy of Hegelian conflict. Be blessed my friends.


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