UPDATE 22 JUL 2014

UPDATE. This is Tuesday, the day after my surgery. Today, my leg is feeling fine, no pain when I am relaxing. I am on crutches. I hired a nurse to take care of me for 2 days of recovery, & she turned out to be a good choice. So I am in good hands. I feel great except for some lightheadedness & nausea. Since the surgery, I have not spoken to my surgeon, but he is a good one, so I feel comfortable about the job he did. I will attach an information picture of him to this update. Also, my brothers & sisters have done a wonderful job of praying for me. Truly, I have much to be thankful for.

PLEDGE NOT HONORED. In terms of finances, that did not go smoothly. You will remember that I opened things up by mentioning that I had a need and that donations were welcome. In three days, we had a little over $3,000 and I received a pledge to cover the remainder. If I had kept asking for donations, it would have looked greedy & insensitive to my friends—so I shut down my request for donations. The pledge did not come through. At the last minute, I was able to get a short term emergency loan from a friend sufficient to keep my scheduled surgery date. Right up to the end, I was led to believe that the promised pledge would be honored. So I am again opening it up for donations, if you feel led to help. I have an important immediate need today of $200 which would require a moneygram or Western Union.

LIVE & LEARN. It has been an interesting experience…a learning experience in many ways. I have not had surgery since a tonsillectomy at age 11. One interesting item, the different components to the surgery charge separately. So not only do I have the doctor’s bill, the hospital’s bill, but the anesthesiologist’s bill, and who knows what else. No one mentioned that the anesthesiologist would charge separately until I was ready to be put under, which by the way is done far more professionally than they did in 1965. However, being knocked out is the same experience either way, one minute I was awake in a hospital bed, the next minute I woke up with the surgery done.

Everything went fine; there was no Michael-Jackson –anesthetic-Propofol experience. I felt fortunate to experience this whole hospital thing, because it will help me understand what so many other people go through. Recently, a younger Christian brother I knew, who had just graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible and then hospitalized, died. Some leave life earlier than others. It does jolt me when those younger than me pass on. The good Lord leaves the rest of us here for a purpose. Lean on, trust in, & be confident in the Lord with ALL your heart & mind & do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In ALL your ways know, recognize & acknowledge Him and He WILL direct and make straight and plain your paths. (Paraphrase of PRV 3:5-6) Thanks to all of you for your support. May God bless you for the love you have shown.


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