UPDATE 21 FEB 2014

Today I had the special treat of an extended visit with an ex-mega church pastor, who has left the mega church scene to serve Christ and nurture home churches that will be filled with sheep who are willing to be sent out among wolves. His mega-church spent $93,000 per week to maintain their building. He was in agreement with me that the material burdens of having buildings etc. prevent the churches from doing lots of positive things for Christ. He spoke about how 1,500 ministers are leaving the institutional churches here in America each month; and 3,500 members are leaving the institutional churches in America every day! This reflects several things happening. The remnant want more of Christ, and the worldly Christians want less. The institutional type churches that we around when I grew up are on their way out. If churches are to survive they will have to change their form. This pastor said that Jesus’ ministry could be summed up in 4 brief words: DELIVERED (from problems). GATHERED (the sheep followed him), TRAINED (discipled), & SENT. I was positively impressed with this pastor even though he knows almost nothing about the new world order or the Illuminati, he has a heart for God, and was willing to listen to me. He is open to the leading of the Spirit, and our extended visit greatly encouraged both of us.


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