UPDATE 12 OCT 2012

I have been talking quietly for years about the Illuminati plan to ruin the U.S. dollar. Of course our politicians, wall street, and the Fed Reserve have cooperated in all this by policies and actions that weaken and make the dollar vulnerable. China is working to dethrone America as the world’s reserve currency. They are working by stockpiling gold and hard assets to develope a harder currency than the normal fiat funny money that is now created by the Federal Reserve. The plan is to create an asian currency the Red Plum, which will have more credibility than the U.S. dollar (which at this time is still on its world wide throne only because no one has something better). The Chinese (and the Russians and India) are sensitive about their plans, which is why I don’t grand stage this info, but for my friends I decided I’d pass on this info that I have sat on for 2 years. If nothing else you will be mentally prepared for what will shock all these complacent Americans who don’t realize how vulnerable our currency is. Do not place your trust in funny money, but place your trust in a benevolent Creator whose love and joy of life is obvious; if that isn’t obvious, then open your eyes and heart to what is around you.


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