UPDATE 11 FEB 2014

I saw something this morning that I felt was too important & too potentially helpful not to mention. This morning I watched a video on the Internet byBackyardliberty.com . He begins by talking about how we have about 18 months before an economic collapse. (I concur with his timing. It will certainly occur before we get a new president.) He talks about how govt. money given to the banks is being used to speculate in food thereby driving up the price of food around the globe. We are not necessarily noticing it because the food packages are staying the same size, they are just putting smaller amounts in. What was perhaps 18 oz. will slip down to 16 oz. without being noticed. He talks about how 61 countries had food riots in 2008. He spoke about the 46 million people in the U.S. on food stamps. But the bottom line to all of this is his remarkable aquaponics system that is $190, and could change all of our lives. His incredible aquaponics system is worth looking into. It could be a major help during the food shortages that an economic collapse would cause, and it only costs $190 because he wanted something that would be practical to help people.


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