The new technology will increasingly make life resemble fairy tales. With more mind control & a blurring of reality, and an increase in mind manipulated technology, the world is approaching what will appear to be a magical world. A.I. & computer chips embedded everywhere will make common objects smart.
Think about what has already happened. By embedding chips into our tools we have changed telephones to cell phones, airplanes to drones, cameras to digital cameras, pinball machines to video games, phonographs to iPods. People already have lights that respond to them, & birthday cards w/ chips that sing happy birthday. More is to come. Chips will be ubiquitous—everywhere, and talking to each other & to the Internet (World mind). Your smart clothes will call for help if you have a medical emergency. Cheap miniaturized MRI’s the size of cell phones will let you scan your organs. Smart pills can be swallowed for a colonoscopy, instead of the painful procedure they use now. The world of inanimate objects will come alive with intelligence. Pinocchio will seem like a boy, and the world will be like the magic of a Disney cartoon. Telepresence (holographic 3D images) rather than teleconferencing has already begun.
After each war, the military analyzes things and prepares for that war, even though the next war tends to be different. For instance, radar was invented after WW I to give warning of approaching warplanes. Iraq stimulated our military to create driverless vehicles, and (like salamanders do) the ability for soldiers to regrow limbs & fingers. (I don’t know if they have successfully done limbs yet, but fingers have been successfully regenerated.) DARPA has had yearly contests since 2004, for driverless vehicles to race on some course. In 2007, the course for driverless cars was a challenging urban environment for 60 miles where the driverless cars had to obey all the laws, not hit other cars, and successfully negotiate the route of the race. 6 cars successfully finished. The 2005 course was a challenging rural course w/ such things as 100 sharp turns, and narrow routes on cliffs that demanded the cars stay on track. GPS can at times provide location down to the inches—not the GPS they give us—but what the military can use. Radar in fenders can sense obstacles in the vicinity of the vehicle. Once such vehicles are produced for civilian traffic, there is no reason why chips embedded in the road won’t be used to route traffic. If bottlenecks & accidents happen, the chips will reroute your car. What I am getting at is that in the future, there may be places where the human is not the driver & takes the back seat as the car decides what it will do, according to incoming info from external sources.
This is the age of information, and miniaturized computer chips which will keep getting better, and faster data transfer methods means that at some point, the price of getting your own personal genome read will be within the range of the common person. Already perhaps a dozen people have had their complete genome read. Once people start widespread genome assessments, it will be possible to figure out where their ancestors came from. The ancient relationships between modern people will be known. People will connect in new ways.
Desktop Computers as we know them will be obsolete. Anything will be able to serve as a computer monitor, including your glasses perhaps directed by your fingers, eyes, or mind. As a person’s mind will be able to communicate with all the smart technology in the environment it will indeed seem like a magical world, especially since the mind control will be flourishing on a higher, more extensive level than it is now. The fabric of life will be interconnected, and people will be an integrated part of the World system. With all Cyberspace fake realities that can be computer generated, people will be out of touch w/ reality even more than now. This is where the World is headed. While this is all interesting, many of us are obsolete models that they want to retire from life, so it is questionable how many of us will see such a world. There will be no place in such a world for people like myself. Some of us old-timers think that life can be wonderful w/out all their fancy controlling technology. Perhaps they will put us anachronistic old timers in zoos or reservations, for instance, keep the Amish around as a curiosity item. Or, more realistic… will we even survive the reeducation & death camps? So this magical hi-tech matrix is for the young generation whose minds they are manipulating so well.


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