UPCOMING MOVES FOR THE WORLD’S POWER STRUCTURES. You have heard me quote the Illuminati kingpins who speak of the world as a chessboard. This post is designed to provide you a preview of battles that will be fought on the global chess board. Control of resources will create battles. Currency battles are already being waged. The U.S. will continue to be a plantation for others to exploit. Illuminati agendas will continue to play out. I have repeatedly warned that the 3 monotheistic religions were being set up to self-destruct. The Mid East wars clearly show how unregenerate religious mankind is following that script.

CHINA vs. U.S. China has been making strategic economic alliances globally & tying up much of the world’s oil & gas production for their own economy. On the surface this would appear to have the U.S. & perhaps the E.U. backed into a corner. And winter is arriving with greater energy needs. Russia (China’s ally) is stressing the E.U. over energy due to the Ukrainian conflict, and China has been relieving Russia of their own economic stress from playing this game with the Ukraine & the E.U. Meanwhile, the U.K. is quietly having an enormous energy crisis with their North Sea oil supplies failing. China is making an incredible large energy deal with Argentina. And they have made contracts with Saudi Arabia to make Mecca the first city to be entirely run by solar energy. But China hasn’t stopped there…they are working in Mexico like some previous posts of mine have brought out. They are fishing the coast of Mexico & receiving iron ore via the Mexican Knight Templar Cartel through the Puerto Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexico. They are also buying up American minerals & resources. They are making deals all over Latin America. The U.S. dollar is on the verge of collapse, & America is hated in much of Latin America.

While it may look like the U.S. has lost, the U.S. is not out of the game. While the Illuminati set things up for the Chinese economy to grow, they have not handed over all their chess pieces to the Chinese. As I have written earlier this year, the Illum. are propping up our dollar (for instance, buying treasury bonds) to prevent a severe crash of the dollar. China has built 64 million empty homes & several large ghost cities. This has been great to keep their construction companies busy, but you don’t win global economic chess games by building unused cities. The large upgrades they have made to their military are more of a threat, especially since their policy has changed to aggressively use that military. But the U.S., due to our new methods of retrieving oil & gas (fracking, etc.), is rapidly becoming self-sufficient in fuel. A new technology, soon to be released by a small American company is able to refine crude oil in a process called “regeneration”. Regeneration expands the volume of oil by 35%, reduces its emissions, and makes it high grade. So from 100 barrels of poor crude oil this new regeneration process will create 135 barrels of top grade oil. Along with our new drilling technologies, the windfall from this new refining technology will give America lots of edge globally. In fact, if they want, they have the technology to create renewable gas & diesel. Our elite corporations are still making money, for instance, Halliburton, an American based elite corporation, is still situated to make large profits globally. If the U.S. fails, China will be dragged down with us. If the elite release technology that they are sitting on, America would rise.

RUSSIA vs. USA. Putin seems to enjoy challenging the U.S. and denigrating it with both facts & propaganda. An upcoming area of dispute will be the Arctic oil. Everyone is aware of the Alaskan oil fields on the Arctic Ocean. 20% of the world’s undiscovered oil & gas is believed to lie under the Arctic Ocean—that’s perhaps 412 billion barrels of oil—and the U.S. & Russia will butt heads over who gets that oil. Russia feels humiliated by the U.S. & has a big chip on its shoulder towards us. It will be emotionally satisfying for many of them to see the U.S. fail.

INDIA vs PAKISTAN. India & Pakistan have had 3 wars since the fighting in 1947 which had a million casualties: 1965 (which saw the largest tank battle since WW 2), 1971 (where Pakistan lost East Pakistan), and the last in 1999. The two sides are constantly taking shots at each other. Their border in Kashmir is called the zero line (& also the “line of control” LoC) and has 650,000 hostile troops facing each other.

The major point of contention since 1947 between the two nations has been Kashmir, but now something more significant has come between them, water resources. The Indus River begins in India & then flows into Pakistan. The Indus River provides 90% of Pakistan’s water needs. Unfortunately, India, with its rising population, and decreasing water table/water resources has been using the Indus River for irrigation needs before it gets to Pakistan. Both sides are desperate for water. India also needs more electricity for its growing needs, and yet electricity supplies per person have been dwindling, so they are building 45 hydroelectric dams on the Indus River. Between the dams & the water taken for irrigation, they have managed to irritate Pakistan, who has accused them of “water terrorism”.

Both nations are investing billions of dollars into new desalination technology to retrieve water from the ocean for their growing populations. A new substance graphine, invented in the U.S., has incredible desalination potential. The question is whether the two nations can find options to stabilize their domestic pressures for water resources, or will their desperate needs trigger a war over resources. Both nations have over a 100 nukes each & long range missiles. Pakistan, as some of you may know, has a first strike nuclear war policy…India has renounced doing it first. In a nuclear war, India will clearly suffer greatly. If war breaks out, both countries will try to pull in other nations to help them. Pakistan would most likely get some help from other Moslem nations. India has had good relations with Russia since its independence. A trans Afghanistan pipeline from Turkmenistan to India via Afghanistan will economically help India (& the U.S. which is involved). While the tension in the Indian subcontinent is real, & dangerous, it might be solved without a major war. If not, the worst case scenario would be a major war with other nations joining the fray.

This has been a brief look at upcoming battles on the global chess board.


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