During war, there exists a common situation called “the fog of war”. It is why the military has realized that in the information age, the side best informed will do the best, & the side which is wrapped in fog will thrash around ineffectively. There is a war being waged by the elite against the common people (Read the Illuminati’s Bilderberg Steering Committee’s book Silent Weapons for a Quiet War…); and one of the elements of this war is to create a FOG of war.

FALSE PROPHETS. After I provided detailed legitimate info on the Illuminati in 1991, my attention was caught watching all the actors that crawled out of the woodwork charming people with disinfo. Of course, many of these people tried to deflect the public from considering my revelations, and by and large it worked until the Internet matured. Someone who predates me going public…Sitchin…has almost created a religious movement. Zacharia Sitchin, whose Twelfth Planet book came out in 1976, (before I went public in 1978 and then again in 1990), was a Russian born Freemason whose thinking is flawed pseudo-science & faked translations of Sumerian cuneiform. I told people in 1990 his stuff was bunk, and continue to try to calm people that there is no Planet X on some eccentric orbit coming to destroy earth. This is all elaborate disinformation. Fortunately, there are others who have debunked his books, so I leave it to truth seekers to discover the truth using the debunking information that others have provided. There is plenty to deal with, but Planet X is not lurking in the shadows about to wipe us out.

FALSE DISEASES & FAKE STATS. One of the weapons of their Silent Wars with Silent weapons is to create bogus pandemics. When the Drug War was created, to increase the statistics of drug addiction, the govt. began counting smokers as drug addicts. You will notice that with the current wave of fear being created about Bird Flu, that we are not seeing bird (chicken & turkey) growers coming on & talking about their flocks being decimated, but we are receiving controlled contrived disinfo by a controlled media. You will notice that BEFORE 1985, if you were given an antibody test & you tested positive it was taken to mean your body was “immune & safe”. When your body fights a disease it produces antibodies. AFTER 1985, the medical system totally flip flopped! If you were given an antibody test for SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola, the West Nile, or other disease and you tested positive for antibodies, they declared that you were “contaminated and in danger”. Bear in mind this is a generalized statement of truth. I mentioned this previously in an article about the fake Ebola pandemic. People in African countries that survived Ebola or something with similar symptoms and are healthy, would be labeled as “contaminated, dangerous, and in danger”…when the truth was THE OPPOSITE. Now the power of logical clear thinking would preclude many people from being deceived by such a tactic…but their dumbing down of students in school has nullified the basic common sense that once was more prevalent. The other day, a young man just out of high school told me he had taught himself cursive as his schools would not teach cursive writing. As a high school junior he wrote a paper using cursive, & his teacher returned the paper & told him to write it over as she could not read cursive! Another high school graduate this week was puzzled when I asked her to do a simple addition problem in her head. Solving math problems is problem solving…and addition…such as 12 + 7 is merely scratching the surface.

“YOUR WISDOM & YOUR KNOWLEDGE HAVE PERVERTED YOU” ISA 47:10B …SO WHERE IS THE TRUTH? Those who know me, will anticipate what I am going to say…God’s Word is the foundation. Let us look at today…the elite in Hollywood, politics, British royalty and the EU leaders in Brussels all look to Babylon as their inspiration. They use its symbols, etc. Who could have predicted this? Yet Bible prophecy speaks about the end times having a Babylon the Great—check out prophecy in REV 14 thru 18. But remember I have been trying to teach that prophecy is truth & that prophecy teaches us prophetic patterns of truth that re-occur! So the ancient book of Isaiah has quite a bit of information about Babylon that applies to modern Babylon!! The reality is that the elite who think they are secure, are really insecure! I love Isaiah chapter 47…in fact I recommend reading this approx. 2800 yr. old chapter for its insights about today! Prophetic patterns about how the ancient (& modern elite of Babylon) put their confidence in their own evil abilities to win. However, sin carries the seed of its own destruction & never allows any monster to stay on top forever. Why? “Thy wisdom & thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee!” What will happen to the elite? “Disaster will come upon you…a catastrophe you cannot foresee will suddenly come upon you….There shall be none to save thee…” ISA 47:11, 15. That’s right: “There is not one that can save you.” Ancient Babylon had some distinct parallels with the elite today. They thought that they could treat lesser nations however they wanted to because America (I mean Babylon) was so great. Ancient Babylon thought that their extensive record tracking would allow their experts to predict upcoming events. In the event it did not! Ancient Babylon also thought that they could control the spirit world by magic & sorcery. (ISA 47:9-11) Today, the elite think the same think. Isaiah the prophet of God sarcastically says, go ahead with your magic (ISA 47:12). Because the prophet knew, just as the Word teaches us, that their occult practices would not save them. The Fed’s magically created Federal Reserve Notes will not save America. Reminds me of how Messiah said, “But if I by the Spirit of God cast out demons, then is the Kingdom of God come upon you.” (A) Christ’s first public announcement of his mission was when he read Isaiah when it speaks of liberation and said today this is fulfilled. The book of Isaiah refers to the Year of Jubilee (ISA 61:1,2) which is the acceptable year of the Lord discussed in LEV 25. Now Obama thinks he has the power to create a Jubilee year—tsk tsk, such pride.

MRS. OR MS. BABYLON. The prophet speaking for God in Isaiah 47 personifies Babylon as a female queen—like a warped drag queen she has no tenderness or womanly compassion, but a lot of presumption & pride. Reminds one of the attitude of the elite (like Obama, George Bush and Hillary Clinton) today. Ms. Babylon says to herself “I shall be a virgin lady forever…”, when she is really just a run-down whorer. “Thy wisdom & your knowledge, it has perverted thee.” The prophetic pattern (discussed in Isaiah (c. 800 B.C.) and then again in Revelations (c. 80 A.D.) is that such arrogance is dethroned. Two prophecies approx. 900 years apart saying the same truths. So rest assured dear reader, evil is not out of control, it is a fire that will burn itself out. And that judgment fire of God needs to be understood.

LIFT YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU SEE THE JUDGEMENT FIRE OF GOD. Christians (like anc. Israelites) often think that their troubles (judgments of God) mean that God has rejected them and there is no hope. NO, NO, NO. Like ISA 1:25-27 brings out, the destruction is for purification, AND that there is hope because of the judgment. We have brought on God’s rejection, but He will restore His people to Himself in spite of our actions. That was what Christ showed us, even that day he read the scroll of Isaiah and told the congregation that he was coming to save & liberate the captives. The promises of God shall be realized through the fire!! When troubles come…lift your head for our redeemer is at work!!

PUT DOWNS. Most of us have been around toxic people who repeatedly attack our self-image…but do we realize how we ourselves have toxic thoughts? We can make choices not to be controlled by these negative destructive images. All of our characteristics were decided upon and developed according to God’s plan (B) so we need to accept this. Otherwise we are saying His workmanship is inferior, and He cannot be trusted. How has the world and your personal history helped build who you are today?? For instance, the poor workers of China are dehumanized. One warning posted by factory banners to 120,000 employees of a Chinese part supplier for Apple says, “Work hard on the job today or work hard to find a job tomorrow.” The worker is merely a cog in a vast machine of production that only cares about the bottom line-quality, costs & profit. Harsh dangerous work conditions are the norm. How does the individual keep his dignity in the face of such overwhelming dehumanization?? This is why we as individuals need to have an inner awareness of what and who we are in Christ. First, we recognize that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”(C) But God doesn’t leave us there…but He transforms us. “Be transformed by the renewing of …[your] minds.” (D) Whatever our vocation in life might be, God is working to perfect us. (E) You have great beauty in Christ. You are not a mere cog in the system—but someone of value. There is hope beyond the judgment of God. When these troubles come—trust that God is purging Babylon, and purging you. God’s goals are this: Babylon goes to destruction, & you are headed for perfection!! In order to develop perfection, God will bring troubles, irritations, and responsibilities into our life. So we need to cut through all the World’s crap, and wash off all this worldly filth, and see the diamond in the rough (YOU my friend) that God is polishing. Troubles—polish God’s people to perfection and break down evil to its destruction. These problems are a win-win for us, if we hold on to the truth. Pray for discernment & the peace of God. Hallelujah.


(A) MT 12:28 (B) PS 139:14-16 (C) ROM 3:23 (D) ROM 12:2 (E) COL 1:28, 2 TIM 3:17, HEB 6:1 and others.


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