Life has taught me something: most of us are very limited in imagining the possibilities that are open to us. You have probably not thought about the best version of you. So how do we take control over our own lives in a way that we can see the good choices before us? We must take control ourselves…yet sometimes we wait ‘til push becomes shove. This is just a short post to remind us about our possibilities (which are greater than we realize). Father, open our eyes. May life give my friends, who read this, mentors, & other things to stimulate him or her in positive new directions. Amen.

I know of several cases where a man ends up facing the deaths of loved ones, loss of job & marriage in a short timeframe & they try to commit suicide, perhaps by driving off a cliff only to discover they were failures at suicide also. But the stripping process uncovers something and they begin to get down to the brass tacks and go on to begin making good choices. What had appeared to be failure followed by more failure, turns out to be the best thing that happened to the guy. Perhaps they go from dependent to capable, from busy to productive, from over focused on a goal to connected w/ work & people, from remote w/ God to close w/ heavenly Father. They discovered that their lives have meaning. And they discovered they wanted to change. One needs to believe you can change, then your life can. This present life is not the only choice of what your life can be. Lastly, remember those times in your life that disaster flipped into a blessing.

Sometimes it feels comfortable to stay ordinary & mediocre. Sometimes it feels comfortable to stay in our rut—that comfort zone is like a security blanket we want to hold on. Most of us are going to have big changes confronting us (we don’t have to look for it, it is homing in on us), and we can embrace these changes & stay strong & fearless, or we can try to hide from change. We can also manifest good changes in our lives, but it seems like the best require us to think outside of our own little boxes of thoughts.

TIMING. The rhythms of time, and timing when we do things is critical. A word fitly spoken can be powerful. Spiritual timing is key. When we eat in relation to our hormones is far more critical than what we eat. (We all have been misled by numerous health fitness myths. One person called an expert says something & it becomes commonly accepted wisdom.) Even sexual timing in relation to hormones can help our health. On the flip side, our society is a constant stream of interruptions, breaking the pace and rhythm of life. The Amish have a steady rhythm to their life that felt healthy. In the world, it often feels like a hectic rat race that seems set up to stress a person. How have we set up the timing of our lives?

Today, I spent most of the day with a visiting young brother in Christ. Some of the issues I write about faced him. It was realizing the extent of evil in the world that caused him to look to Christ. He has undergone tremendous positive change, because he was open to change. He has invented a wonderful Christian game that is an analogy of our spiritual lives. The game has lots of potential to become popular, so I am hoping that the next phases of its production (like artwork) will occur. I received a gift prototype. I have met a number of outstanding young adults these last two years, evidence that heavenly Father is still at work in hearts, and that young people are making heroic noble choices to have spiritually fulfilling lives. If it is one thing I would want to give you, my friend, is the ability to expand your vision of what your life can be. Please prayer w/ me for that!


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