How the new federally mandated ICD-10 codes will force small doctor offices to close.

WERE YOU SUCKED INTO A JET ENGINE (Code V97.33)? The ICD9 codes (approx. 14,000 codes) that health care providers used for 30 yrs. to be reimbursed by insurance co.s, Medicare & Medicaid will be replaced on Oct. 1, 2015 with the 68,000 ICD10 codes. If doctors, clinics, nursing homes & hospitals don’t use the new codes (and use them correctly!) they will not be reimbursed for their services. O.K. so what’s the problem?? The new codes are really a trap—a setup—the codes are so specific that it will be impossible in some cases for the doctor to find the correct one, (diabetes is not diabetes but one of 200 different codes) and the incredible number of codes mean that doctors will have to spend an incredible amount of time trying to find the exact one. The AMA estimated that a small town doctor may have to spend $200,000 to upgrade, and doctors are taking out higher lines of credit to make it through the periods that they are not paid. Many ailments are broken down into hundreds of specific codes, was the injury on the right or left and how deep? Was the fracture on the top, bottom or middle of the finger—each site has its own code. The 68,000 new codes are filled with lots of nonsense. Was your grandmother ran over by a reindeer?—well there is a code for that. Were you crushed by a crocodile? That is Code W58.13. A leading doctor said, “It’s like switching to German, after speaking English for 30 years.”

WHY? What is behind this new govt. red tape? They claim it will help things, making the tracking of disease more accurate. For instance, there are 30 codes for injuries from terrorism. Basically…what they are admitting to is that it gives them more CONTROL. More govt. control. But it also does some other elite agendas: it puts the little town doctor out of business (population control), and helps the big health care businesses whose doctors are fronts for big pharma compete better with the caring independent doctors. Why does the govt. need to track how many people were injured by their bike being run over by a buggy? Doctors are going to have to spend more time and more tests to determine the right code, and less time on doing their job. If you got a sprained wrist, who cares if the cause was a buggy or a basketball? Let’s just deal with the sprained wrist. Doctors & nurses are busy enough. It is expected that the new system will slow down the reimbursement of doctors. We keep seeing new stresses to health care (like Obamacare) under the disguise of improvements. By the way, Obamacare is being directly pushed to new inmates (a captive audience).

LESSONS FROM THE PAST. The Nazi regime was big on red tape. Everything had to be documented, perhaps in triplicate form. During WW 2, the Allies (U.S. & U.K.) carpet bombed Germany’s cities. One of the unexpected benefits to the German economy from the bombing was as follows…When a German factory was bombed and their records destroyed, it freed them from all the red tape. They could simply tell the Nazi government that they were unable to send in the forms due to the bombing. This allowed German companies to get on with their real tasks…which was making things. In other words, being freed from the red tape, increased their productivity! It is well known that German productivity kept increasing as the war & the bombing went on. That was one of the reasons. The elite PTSNB keep doing things to destroy America. They want us on the level of a third world nation so they can integrate us in with everyone else. We have come a long ways from being “the land of the brave & the home of the free!”

ALREADY STRESSED. It is not like our economy is not already stressed. Unemployment is not getting better—it is likely between 20% and 25%, not 4%. The markets are weak, and may continue collapsing. Real wealth is down. We have a global city built with houses of cards, that could easily fall. Japan is thinking of printing more money to lower the yen’s value, in line with China’s currency devaluation. Around the world, the global economy keeps melting down. And the fault lines are not getting better. The civil wars in the Ukraine and Syria could escalate. Foreign nations are getting involved in both. We could easily see the Ukrainian govt. launch an assault to take out the breakaway Russian People’s Republic of Donetsk & Lugansk. We could easily see NATO getting more involved in the Ukraine, they have been holding military exercises in Eastern Europe. We could easily see Israel & the U.S. militarily oppose Iran & Russia in Syria. So during a time period of increased troubles, our govt. continues adding red tape to various industries. Health care is not the only one, construction is another example. They should have a code, “Crushed (or is it strangled?) by government red tape”!


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