Tsunami Prophecy & its fulfillment Tsunami are Cards held in Illum 2 OCT 2013

Tsunami Prophecy & its fulfillment Tsunami are Cards held in Illum. hands, how far will it play out?? I have no ability to predict the future, but I can pass on actions that are within the abilities of the Illuminati. There is an active Illum. program to have people announce calamities that God showed them in dreams. This is part of the Armageddon programming that I wrote about in my books on mind control. Let’s bear in mind, “…false prophets will arise & show great signs & wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” MT 24:24. Obviously, if the elect can be deceived the prophecies must pretend to come from God, and the PTSNB have the ability to place scripted dreams into people.
For the last two years a gentleman named Elvi Zapata has told America to “repent” because he was shown a dream by God that a 200 ft. high tsunami would destroy the east coast. Now other people have come forth with similar dreams that God supposedly gave them. I have seen this kind of thing before, the press will give it coverage & then it fizzles out when doesn’t happen. Zapata is saying Oct. 2013 is the time for this. The people coming forth with dreams make me highly suspect that this is indeed a false prophecy being blamed on God, even though Zapata is telling America to repent. (By the way, I suggest that repentance come because we acknowledge our sin before God, not as a way to get a free rapture ticket. Don’t use God as a fire escape, He deserves our love.)
Now on the other hand, in this case, I am not 100% sure that the Illum. won’t actually stage something. I believe that during the exploration & drilling, mininukes have been placed upon faults or fractures on the Continental shelf off the coast of Virginia & in the Caribbean. Early in the ‘90’s I warned that a California earthquake would be boosted in intensity with mini-nukes and it was. Now we are faced with a similar situation, except this would be a submarine earthquake which would cause a tsunami that would hit the east coast. As the Illum. are continually thinking up ways to stress & take down Amer., I would not put it passed them to actually follow thru on their manufactured manmade “divine” prophesies. If it did hit, that is FEMA Region 3, which still contains a few troops, even though recently the U.S. cont. to deploy more troops to the Middle East to places like Syria & Pakistan.
Earthquakes have happened before. On 11/18/1929, there was a 7.2 earthquake off of Newfoundland called the Grand Banks Earthquake. There are certainly cracks in the crust on America’s continental shelf that provide places that could be used to create trouble. In fact recently, scientists in Australia are claiming that they have found evidence of geologic activity in the Atlantic that could have a role in the eventual demise of the Atlantic Ocean. The plate off Virginia is moving NW perpendicular to the lower Caribbean tectonic plate which is moving NE. If a false flag was created, it would be believed by most people.
October & November seem to be a favored time to stress America. How far will they go with all this?? I don’t know. You are witnessing a totally manufactured crisis w/ the Fed. Govt. shut down. If not resolved, then certain essential jobs will have to be called back, even though the workers will have to work w/out pay for a while. It is gratifying that more people are becoming whistle blowers on all their insidious fake disasters, and that less & less people are simply believing what they are told by the controlled mass media. While I don’t know exactly what, when or how they will take down America, I have no doubt they intend to do it. We’ll find out how far they will go to further that goal this month


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